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Get your sleep back insomniacs, here’s your solution
The study, published in the journal Neurology, involved 487,200 people in China with an average age of 51. Participants had no history of stroke or heart disease at the beginning of the study.
When you eat may have bigger health effects than what
There's evidence that the old expression "eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper" could use some tweaking. With one important revision, this approach could help not just for better health, but also for losing weight.
UK MPs call for mental health reforms to stop ‘horrific’ detention of young people
Mental health legislation must be overhauled in the UK to stop the “horrific” and inappropriate detention of young people with autism or learning disabilities, MPs have said.
US sanctions threatening Iranians' health: HRW
American sanctions against Iran have drastically constrained the Islamic Republic’s ability to pay for humanitarian imports and are threatening the health rights of Iranians, Human Rights Watch said Tuesday.
Your paycheck may impact your heart health
The risk for cardiovascular disease may increase when a person’s income goes down, and decrease when it goes up. Fluctuations in earnings may affect your heart health.
Wasted health care spending in US tops annual defense budget, study finds
The administrative tasks required of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are so complex and time-consuming that they squander hundreds of billions of dollars each year, according to a new analysis of health care spending in the US.
Top dermatologist reveals what your skin problems say about health
Most of us have bad skin at times — but what do those fine lines and blemishes say about our health?
How worried should we be about microplastics?
If you enjoy a spot of food, like to breathe air and partake in the occasional drink of water (tap or bottled), then you’re almost certainly an unwitting consumer of microplastics.
Seven dead in US from rare disease spread by mosquitoes
At least seven people have died from Eastern Equine Encephalitis, a rare disease spread by mosquitoes. At least 27 people have been infected in six states.
Vitamin E good for human health
Heart attack, which is known to be the leading cause of death worldwide, can lead to a lasting damage to heart muscle. A new study found that Vitamin E can help in preventing muscle damage after heart attack.
Milwaukee officials urge residents to stop vaping immediately
In what may be a sign of a health emergency with national implications, the city of Milwaukee Health Department is now urging all residents to stop vaping. Special concern is now focused on the young.
Are daily supplements good for health?
Supplements have gone beyond a multivitamin or iron capsule. Today, they come in various forms: From sophisticated combinations — vitamin D3 with K2, K1, MK7, MK4, for instance, to ‘heritage’ Ayurveda powders: Ashwagandha, milk thistle. Or companies sell them in the form of health drinks and protein shakes.

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