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Sleep myths 'damaging your health'
Widely held myths about sleep are damaging our health and our mood, as well as shortening our lives, said researchers.
Middle-aged men with health issues at greater risk of early death
Middle-aged men with multimorbidity are at greater risk of premature death than older people, new research has suggested.
Australian government boost of more than $50 million for women’s health
The Australian federal government has announced $52.2 million in funding with the launch of the National Women’s Health Strategy 2020–2030.
Apparently sleeping in a cold room is better for your health
It’s time to settle all those debates about bedroom temperature.
Cardiff-based doctor sees health progress in Iraq
An Iraqi doctor said he is optimistic for the future of his home country after returning to Wales from a visit following a health scare.
Surge in chemical use ‘a threat to health and environment’
Sales of synthetic chemicals will double over the next 12 years with alarming implications for health and the environment, according to a global study that highlights government failures to rein in the industry behind plastics, pesticides and cosmetics.
Irregular sleeping may hurt heart health, study says
Having an unpredictable sleep pattern can put a person a higher cardiovascular risk, a new study said.
Report: Scottish children’s health at risk due to doctor shortage
The health of Scottish children is at risk because of a shortage of pediatric doctors, a new report warned.
UK health officials ask bereaved parents to donate their children's organs
Bereaved parents were asked last night to consider donating their children’s organs after it emerged the rate had not gone up significantly in years.
Nitrogen-fixing trees 'eat' rocks, play pivotal role in forest health
By tapping nutrients from bedrock, red alder trees play a key role in healthy forest ecosystems, according to a new study.
Opioid epidemic in the US presents a big risk to dental health
The opioid epidemic is affecting countless lives and communities across the US, including in New Mexico.
US health officials confirm another case of measles
US health officials identified another measles case in Clark County, Nevada, on Saturday. There are now 65 confirmed cases in the outbreak and one suspected case.
Iranians are paying for US sanctions with their health
Ali only had two hours to save his baby's life. He careened through traffic and sped along highways to an east Tehran pharmacy. When he saw some 800 people queued outside the facility, he dropped to his knees. Like him, they were waiting to obtain state-funded medications.
The best thing can do for health: Sleep well
Do you think you got enough sleep this past week? Can you remember the last time you woke up without an alarm clock, feeling refreshed, not needing caffeine? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, you are not alone. Two-thirds of adults throughout all developed nations fail to obtain the recommended eight hours of nightly sleep.
Health screening 'not meeting targets', report finds
None of the three main health screening programs in England — bowel, breast or cervical — met their targets last year, according to a report by the National Audit Office.

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