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Police injure dozens in Nepal healthcare protest
Dozens of protesters in Nepal have been injured in clashes with police at a demonstration in support of a hunger-striking doctor seeking better healthcare in the impoverished Himalayan country.
Most Americans miss out on preventive healthcare
Very few US adults receive all the preventive health care services recommended for them, reported a new study.
Is AI set to transform future of healthcare?
Artificial intelligence is gaining significant momentum in healthcare and is forecast to have the potential to significantly transform the industry, as well as the way practitioners interact with their patients. And as machine learning becomes increasingly sophisticated in analyzing big data points, AI has the potential to not only transform healthcare, improve efficiency and accuracy, but set new benchmarks in enabling better patient outcomes.
Children in England 'deserve better' from healthcare
Children ‘deserve better’ from healthcare in England, says a report.
Up to 80,000 American children could lose healthcare
Thousands of South Carolina (SC) children are caught in the middle of a government funding fight.
Medical note system could boost patients' engagement in their healthcare
Encouraging patients to help write and add notes to their personal medical charts—a task typically handled only by medical professionals—may help patients feel more involved with their own care and improve relationships with their doctors, a new study found.
Iran attending Azerbaijan Healthcare Exhibition
The 23rd Baku International Healthcare Exhibition (BIHE 2017) kicked off in the Azeri capital with 104 companies from 19 countries, including Iran.
Men still dominate managerial positions
In the healthcare sector, men account for just 22 percent of all employees, but for 56 percent of all managers.
Trump threatens to end healthcare payments if Obamacare is not repealed
US President Donald Trump has threatened to end government payments to health insurers if Congress does not pass a new health care bill, despite warning that repealing Obamacare would leave millions of Americans without health insurance.
Senate health bill collapses in bitter blow to Trump
US Republicans failed spectacularly Friday in their latest effort to dismantle Obamacare, leaving the party shocked and in disarray and signaling the potential death knell for President Donald Trump's dream of repealing his predecessor's health reforms.
Republican senators sink Trump's healthcare bill
Two more US Republican senators announced their opposition Monday to their party's efforts to revamp Obamacare, derailing the controversial legislation in its current form and potentially dealing a monumental setback to President Donald Trump.
'Republican Senators must come through' on healthcare bill: Trump
US President Donald Trump has called on Republicans in the Senate to make good on a years-old campaign promise by passing the Obamacare repeal-and-replace bill.
When cutting access to healthcare, there’s a price to pay
Senators, the United States is a sick country. Four years ago, a panel of experts convened by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council set out to assess the nation’s health compared with that of 16 other rich nations.
Obama asks Republicans to show ‘political courage’ on healthcare
Former US President Barack Obama has urged Republican lawmakers to show “political courage” and save his signature health insurance program, which covers some 20 million Americans.
Republican healthcare bill 'a huge tax cut for guys like me': Buffett
Billionaire American investor Warren Buffett has denounced the Donald Trump administration’s healthcare overhaul as a huge tax cut for wealthy individuals like himself.

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