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How to make your packed lunch healthier
About half of primary school children in the UK have a packed lunch.
How do we incentivise people to be healthier?
The obesity challenge to the NHS looms large. The costs of treating related health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, are rising relentlessly. Policymakers are anxious to find answers. Prevention is the goal, but what sort of nudge is most effective to get people to look after themselves better?
Healthier fast food options might not help kids eat better
Promises of healthier kids' meals have drawn increasing numbers of families back to fast food restaurants, but most kids are still being served unhealthy options, a new survey found.
Researchers develop healthier life app
Researchers at the Northwestern University have developed a novel app, FoodSwitch, which can act as a nutritionist at the shopper's side in the grocery store.
Exercise makes blood of obese people healthier
Exercise can reduce inflammation in obese people by changing the characteristics of their blood, according to new research published in The Journal of Physiology.
Babies who look like their father at birth are healthier one year later
Infants who resemble their father at birth are more likely to spend time together with their father, in turn, be healthier when they reach their first birthday, according to new research co-conducted by faculty at Binghamton University, State University of New York.
Hot yoga no healthier than traditional form
One of the most popular forms of yoga, which requires participants to pull agonizing poses in 40 degree heat, is no healthier than traditional yoga, a study has found.
Why children who exercise become healthier adults
Last week, Public Health England said 6 million middle-aged adults in England take less than 10 minutes’ brisk exercise a month, risking their health.
What you need to do to feel healthier in just one week
Believe it or not, but summer is just one more drawn-out bout of cold weather away.
Diverse forests tend to be healthier, more resilient
Previous studies showed more diverse tree stands to be healthier and more productive than monoculture forests, but scientists didn't know why.
Fitness trackers unlikely to make you healthier
Wearable exercise trackers or pedometers do not increase activity levels enough to benefit health, scientists have concluded.
Adults with longer-lived parents may have healthier old age
Adults with longer-lived parents have a lower-than-average risk for problems with the body's circulatory system in middle-age, British researchers have found.
Positive emotions may make you healthier
People with heart disease may benefit from maintaining positive emotions, according to health researchers.
Regulations may make kids' fast food meals healthier
Regulating fast food kids' meals that include toys may end up making the meals healthier, according to a new study.

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