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Study says US diets still lacking in healthy foods
Snack foods, hot dogs, fatty beef, butter, sugar, white bread and artery-clogging fat. A new study suggests Americans are still eating too much bad food, AP reported.
Strengthen muscles as well as heart to stay fit and healthy, say top doctors
Adults are advised to do muscle-strengthening exercises twice a week, as well as aerobic exercise, to help them stay active for longer, under new guidance from the UK's top doctors.
Aspirin not recommended for healthy people over 70: Study
Low-dose aspirin does not prolong disability-free survival of healthy people over 70, even in those at the highest risk of cardiovascular disease, finds a study.
Are physicians helping cancer survivors live healthy lives?
A recent study indicates that certain physicians who care for patients with cancer do not often promote healthy lifestyle changes to cancer survivors, and they may fear that providing such advice would distress or overwhelm patients.
These late-night snack ideas will keep you alert and healthy
You've probably heard by now that having a late dinner and indulging in midnight snacking is a one-way ticket to insomnia, weight gain and poor eating habits.
Tips for a healthy old age
In this century, the World Health Organization (WHO) has come up with new classifications for human aging, considering 66-79 years old to be middle-aged and 80-99 years old to be elderly or senior. Many diseases such as heart disease, asthma, diabetes and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) have also become more common in parallel with the prolongation of our lives.
Here is how the otherwise healthy apples affect your blood sugar levels
Since childhood, everyone has dreaded going to the doctor because there may be blood, bitter medicines, or an injection coming our way when we do. Probably cashing in on that fear, they created the saying that an apple a day would keep the doctor away.
Take this vitamin to boost vision and keep eyes healthy
Eye health is extremely important – if you fail to look after them you risk losing your sight. Smoking and not protecting your eyes from the sun can increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.
5m healthy Britons will be tracked in bid to detect disease sooner
Five million healthy Britons will be tracked for years in attempt to develop artificial intelligence which spots signs of cancer and dementia far earlier.
5 things to do to keep your lungs healthy
November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Here are 5 things to do to keep your lungs healthy.
Healthy living 'is not like flipping a switch,' experts say
A local survey conducted in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, mirrored the results of a US national study released by Parade Magazine, which is included with Sunday’s editions of The Tribune-Democrat: Most people know the importance of a healthy diet and regular activity, but have trouble following experts’ recommendations
Healthy Lung Month: 5 habits that will help you breathe better
This Healthy Lung Month, follow these 5 habits to make sure you breathe easier and keep your lungs in good shape.
Vegans and vegetarians may think they’re 'eating healthy.' They’re not
More than 7 million Americans are now vegetarian, and more and more are converting every year. The number of vegans in the US increased by 600 percent between 2014 and 2017.
What are benefits of eating healthy?
A healthful diet includes a variety of fruits and vegetables of many colors, whole grains and starches, good fats, and lean proteins.

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