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Heart attack care dangerously unequal for women: Study
Fewer women who suffer a heart attack would die if they were given the same treatments as men, a new study found.
Married heart patients more likely than singles to survive
People with heart disease have better long-term survival odds when they are married, a recent study suggested.
AI early diagnosis could save heart and cancer patients
Researchers at an Oxford hospital have developed artificial intelligence (AI) that can diagnose scans for heart disease and lung cancer.
10 daily habits slowly hurting your heart
Did you know that simple day-today habits could lead to cardiovascular ailments? Cardiologists and general physicians say that some seemingly harmless habit, actually have a profound effect on your heart.
Childhood trauma may harm the heart decades later
Experiencing trauma as a child or teen apparently makes you more susceptible to heart disease.
Heart disease risk slashed by eating just a handful of nuts
Heart disease risk could be reduced by almost 30 percent, by eating a handful of nuts a day, researchers revealed.
Poor sleep 'puts you at greater risk of heart disease and diabetes'
Almost half of Britons do not get enough sleep and are at greater risk of conditions like heart disease and diabetes, according to new research.
Heart surgery survival chances 'better in the afternoon'
Open heart surgery appears to be safer in the afternoon because of the body's internal clock, scientists have said.
Yoga, aerobics may help with heart disease risk factors
A combination of yoga and aerobic exercise may benefit people with heart disease.
50 is the new 60: One in 10 men has heart a decade older than them
Fifty is the new sixty for ten percent of middle aged men whose poor lifestyle has left them with a heart that is a decade older than their actual age, Public Health England (PHE) warned.
Biggest breakthrough in fight against heart attacks, cancer
A new class of drugs which could prevent thousands of heart attacks and deaths from cancer has been hailed as the biggest breakthrough since statins.
Skinny patients far more likely die after common heart treatments
Skinny patients are far more likely to die after common heart treatments than those who are overweight, a major study suggested.
Heart failure deaths could be predicted by changes in weather
Heart failure occurs when the heart is not pumping enough blood around the body as it used to.
Study finds human heart has multiple battery back-ups
Researchers at Ohio US have discovered that the human heart's natural pacemaker has multiple battery back-up systems.
Testing a soft artificial heart
It looks like a real heart. And this is the goal of the first entirely soft artificial heart: To mimic its natural model as closely as possible.

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