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Fatty fish consumption can give you a lively heart!
There is good news for fish lovers and those who are at a risk of having heart diseases. A study has revealed that consuming fatty fish four times a week can help prevent the risk of heart disease by increasing the amount of good cholesterol.
Belly fat is bad for your heart
We know that carrying around extra weight puts your heart health at risk. New research presented to the European Society for Cardiology shows that the location of your fat is just as important as the amount of it.
Heart disease carries huge cost for some families
Having a chronic heart condition is stressful enough, but new research suggests the cost of caring for the condition is also a huge financial burden for poorer families in the US.
Team develops 3D tissue model of developing human heart
The heart is the first organ to develop in the womb and the first cause of concern for many parents.
Magnetic heart pump cuts blood clots, stroke risks in study
A new heart pump cuts the risk of blood clots and stroke in patients with heart failure, research funded by the device maker showed.
Study: Two drugs prevent heart problems in breast cancer patients
Data released from a large multi-center study provides a view into the effectiveness of two drugs used to prevent heart problems resulting from breast cancer treatment.
Breast cancer treatment can be tough on the heart
Certain breast cancer treatments may take a toll on the heart, but women can take steps to minimize the risks, according to a new report from the American Heart Association (AHA).
Fish oil supplements may not help your heart
Claims that fish oil supplements help prevent death from heart disease, heart attacks and stroke may be unfounded, British research suggested
The secret to building a strong heart
Every year, a small but not insignificant number of babies are born with hearts whose muscles are spongy and thin, although exactly what causes that condition isn't clear.
Heart attack care dangerously unequal for women: Study
Fewer women who suffer a heart attack would die if they were given the same treatments as men, a new study found.
Married heart patients more likely than singles to survive
People with heart disease have better long-term survival odds when they are married, a recent study suggested.
AI early diagnosis could save heart and cancer patients
Researchers at an Oxford hospital have developed artificial intelligence (AI) that can diagnose scans for heart disease and lung cancer.
10 daily habits slowly hurting your heart
Did you know that simple day-today habits could lead to cardiovascular ailments? Cardiologists and general physicians say that some seemingly harmless habit, actually have a profound effect on your heart.
Childhood trauma may harm the heart decades later
Experiencing trauma as a child or teen apparently makes you more susceptible to heart disease.
Heart disease risk slashed by eating just a handful of nuts
Heart disease risk could be reduced by almost 30 percent, by eating a handful of nuts a day, researchers revealed.

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