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Best fitness plan, future-proof your heart health with best exercises recommended by experts
According to a recent study, people with high fitness during their middle ages are significantly less likely to die from heart diseases in later life even if they were diagnosed with depression.
5 reasons why yoga is great for weight loss, heart health, reducing stress
On International Yoga Day (June 21), take a look at what makes yoga the perfect exercise for losing the extra kilos, boosting heart health, managing diabetes, and more.
Regular exercise essential for heart health
Regular exercise is essential for keeping your heart healthy, and the more the better, experts from the American College of Cardiology's Sports and Exercise Cardiology Council say.
Can hormone, bone tests reflect heart health
Bone loss may be a sign of poor heart health in patients on dialysis, according to a study. Monitoring bone loss in dialysis patients may therefore provide an early alert to physicians concerning cardiovascular problems.

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