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Excavation of ‘rich’ Mound Dillu Roy site in Pakistan begins to uncover historical secrets
An archeologist of Punjab Archeology Department has embarked on maiden excavation of Mound Dillu Roy in Dera Ghazi Khan to uncover the treasure of historical secrets the Buddhist era site is believed to be hiding underground.
Persian historical rugs on display in Iran for first time
A total number of 16 Persian rugs, prayer mats and historical pateh (Iranian traditional needlework folk art) related to Qajar Dynasty and First Pahlavi Era are scheduled to be on view for the first time in Iran.
Historical findings in Jiroft represent ancient Iranian civilization
Ancient Jiroft is a symbol of Iranian civilization. The history of the region dates back to more than 4,300 years ago. Today Jiroft is a city in Kerman Province.
Climate change revealing thousands of historical relics trapped in Norway's Glaciers
One of the consequences of a warming planet is receding glaciers, and archeologists working on icesheets on highest peaks of Norway have discovered a treasure trove of artefacts dating back as far as 4000 BCE.
China to boost cross-border cooperation in preserving historical sites
China will bolster cross-border cooperation in preservation of historical sites and joint archeology in 2018 in coordination with the Belt and Road Initiative.
Iraq seeks Iran's help in protecting historical documents
Head of Iraq's National Library and Archives underlined the need for cooperation with Iran to protect historical documents.
Historical houses of Mir-Rahimi, Ebrahimi to be ceded to private sector
Historical houses of ‘Mir-Rahimi’ and ‘Ebrahimi’ in Damghan, Semnan Province, will be handed over to the private sector in the near future, said director general of Semnan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department.
Iran, Russia to hold exhibitions on historical documents
Iranian and Russian officials agreed on holding documents exhibitions and conferences as well as seminars for commemorating over 500 years of Iran-Russia relations.
Historical sites to be recorded in data bank
By Fatemeh Shokri & Atefeh Rezvan-Nia
Historical monuments queue for global registration
Many Iranian historical monuments have lined up for registration on global heritage list, said secretary general of UNESCO National Commission of Iran.
Kerman, home to historical places of worship
Adherents of various religions have coexisted peacefully for a long time in the ancient city of Kerman. Hence, signs of that coexistence can be found throughout the city. The most famous of the sites can be listed as:
Renovation of 31 historical monuments ceded to private sector
Renovation of 31 historical monuments has been ceded to the private sector, said caretaker of the Fund for Renovation and Exploitation of Historical and Cultural Monuments.
World’s oldest city still vibrant
By Neda Habibollah & Atefeh Rezvan-Nia

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