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'First ray of hope' as German economy returns to growth
The German economy returned to growth in the first quarter as householders spent more freely and construction activity picked up, but the government cautioned that the outlook remained clouded by trade disputes.
Technology hope for African farmers
In Africa, a startup scene is taking shape, capable of lifting millions out of poverty by transforming the continent’s largest industry: Agriculture.
‘Gene map for depression’ sparks hope for improved treatments
New treatments for depression, a condition that affects over 300 million people globally, could be expected after scientists mapped out the genetic foundation of the mental disorder in the largest study of its kind.
Africa's returning migrants say they need assistance, hope
Itohen used to sell secondhand clothes in Nigeria's Edo state before she was lured at age 24 into a trip abroad. A woman told her and others they could be nannies in France. Itohen said she traveled through Niger and Libya with 150 others who hoped to make it to Europe. At least 20 died along the way from dehydration, hunger and illness.
New hope for stopping an understudied heart disease in its tracks
The diminutive size of our aortic valve — just shy of a quarter — belies its essential role in pushing oxygen-rich blood from the heart into the aorta, our body's largest vessel, and from there to all other organs.
New IVF treatment brings hope
One of the most commonly treated infertility-related conditions in the US is diminished ovarian reserve, also known as low-egg-count.
Hopes of finding life on Mars dealt a blow
Hopes of finding life on Mars, at least on the surface, were dealt a blow by a study revealing that salt minerals present on the Red Planet kill bacteria.
Researcher offers hope for treating painful, swollen limbs
Researchers said they have uncovered for the first time the molecular mechanism responsible for triggering lymphedema, a painful swelling of the arms and legs that often comes as an unintended consequence of cancer treatment.
Robots, chefs hope to bring invasive lion fish to restaurants
As it turns out, some of the best cooks in the world think lionfish, a venomous predatory fish which is breeding out of control and destroying marine ecosystems in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, is delicious.
Hope and concern as first day of Syria talks wraps up
Delegates at Syrian peace talks in Kazakhstan's capital Astana have voiced both hope and concern as a first day of the talks wrapped up and a second, final day is due to begin shortly.
New hope for curing blindness
Scientists are on the brink of finding a cure for blindness after they successfully restored sight in mice.

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