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How to eat well, save the planet
Switching to a healthier diet can reduce an individual's water footprint by as much as 55 percent.
How world’s largest NGO provides aid to Rohingya people
Over the past few decades, an ethnic group of Muslims known as the Rohingya has been subject to extreme poverty and inhumane persecution in Southeast Asia.
Japan's labor crunch reshaping how companies attract workers
Misaki Harada wants to quit her job as a receptionist at a restaurant management company in Tokyo and move into marketing for an apparel maker.
How some species are 'wired' for talk
Our primate cousins have surprised and impressed scientists in recent years, with revelations about monkeys' tool-using abilities and chimps' development of complex sign language.
Molecular 'switch' controling how much muscle we build
To the frustration of many gym-goers, some people can build and maintain muscles with little to no effort, while others have to work twice as hard for half the results.
How much longer will Southern Ocean slow climate change?
The gigantic carbon sink below New Zealand that is the Southern Ocean might come to quicken the effects of climate change, due to a worrying feedback loop just identified by scientists.
How to travel with children
For parents, going on vacation with their children can be extremely difficult. They should be prepared in some matters before taking such a trip with kids, especially if they are under 15 years old. Children in that age group make up a small but important traveler group.
How community structure affects resilience of a network
Network theory is a method for analyzing the connections between nodes in a system.
Tips on how to prevent yellow teeth
Having white, shiny teeth has become as important as wearing trendy clothes.
How a particle may stand still in rotating spacetime
When a massive astrophysical object, such as a boson star or black hole, rotates, it can cause the surrounding spacetime to rotate along with it due to the effect of frame dragging.
How signals get inside cancer cells and spur aggressive growth
The outside of a cancer cell is bombarded by signals. They come from the immune system, supporting tissues and other structures. But how do those signals impact cancer?
How to handle the flood of GDPR privacy updates
Many app users' inboxes are bulging with requests to review new terms of service and privacy conditions.
This is how norovirus invades the body
How a nasty, contagious stomach virus lays claim to the digestive system just got a little less mysterious.
Here’s how cells rapidly stuff two meters of DNA into microscopic capsules
Scientists have figured out how cells quickly pack long chromosomes into compact, organized bundles — a key step before cells divide.
How to see the 'super blue blood moon'
January is set to close with a unique full moon — a ‘super blue blood moon’.

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