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Expert says robots will destroy huge number of jobs
Robots will destroy a huge number of jobs making it difficult to find employment in just 25 years time, a technology expert warned.
NASA: Huge meteor exploded in Earth's atmosphere in December
A huge fireball exploded in the Earth's atmosphere in December, according to NASA.
Microsoft testing a huge new version of Windows 10
Microsoft is already testing a huge new version of Windows 10 that is set to debut in the first half of 2020, a new announcement from the tech giant confirmed.
Huge scale of UK’s £500m drug industry revealed
The scale of the UK’s ‘county lines’ trade, in which criminal networks exploit thousands of children and vulnerable adults to funnel hard drugs from cities to towns and rural areas, is greater than British crime-fighting chiefs previously thought, with a fresh assessment revealing a £500-million industry linked to murder and sexual exploitation.
Huge trade deal goes forward without US
A major 11-country agreement goes into effect Sunday, reshaping trade rules among economic powerhouses like Japan, Canada, Mexico and Australia — but the US won't be a part of it.
Huge solar storm could spark danger electricity surge
A huge space storm is long overdue which could wreak havoc on technology on Earth, researchers warned.
Huge discovery about Dads stuns scientists
A fascinating new study out of Stanford University Medical Center has found that the average age of new dads is creeping up consistently, and that may be a good thing.
Huge fire destroys refugee camp in northern France after clashes
A huge fire has destroyed large swathes of a refugee camp in northern France following violent clashes that injured several people there, local firefighters and officials say.
Huge health needs for 1b migrants
With an estimated one billion migrants today — or one in every seven people — their health needs are huge. Nevertheless, health systems are struggling to adapt and consequently access to health services among migrant populations varies widely and is often inadequate.
Huge US military force in Germany to boost NATO presence in E Europe
The US military has begun the deployment of hundreds of combat vehicles such as tanks as well as artillery guns along with 3,500 troops to Germany in an alleged bid to boost NATO’s deterrence force against Russia in Eastern Europe.
Huge study finds 1b people suffer from high blood pressure
The number of people with high blood pressure has almost doubled in 40 years to over 1.1 billion worldwide, scientists said, with the burden of the condition shifting from the rich to the poor.
Huge cosmic eye made up of tsunami of stars found
A clash of galaxies has created a huge ‘cosmic eye’ made up of a tsunami of stars, astronomers have reported.
Blue Origin announces huge 82-meter-tall rocket
Billionaire entrepreneur Jeff Bezos announced a massive new reusable rocket family in development for his private spaceflight company Blue Origin.
NASA's fears over huge Armageddon asteroid
NASA is to collect samples from a giant asteroid which could crash into the planet in less than 200 years, in a bid to save the Earth from future catastrophe.

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