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Nanotechnology could grant humans ‘super vision’ after mice given power to see infrared
Humans could one day be given the power of ‘super vision’ which would allow them to see in the dark, scientists said.
Astronaut reveals humans will live on Moon before reaching Mars
Humans will settle on the Moon on a ‘semi-permanent then permanent basis’ before getting to Mars, in what will be a ‘natural’ progression, claimed Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.
Humans beat robots on Japan farms as door opens for migrants
The country that brought robots to car factories looks set to stay resolutely old school in agriculture as it seeks to attract more foreign workers to replenish an aging workforce.
Time travel claim: Man ‘from 3070’ reveals all-out war between humans and robots ‘is near’
A time traveler from the year 3700 has claimed a war between robots and humanity is near and has tried to prove his claim by showing a robotic arm.
'Time Traveller' claims dinosaurs to return as humans suffer '1000 year dark age'
Eerth will be hit by a 1,000 year long dark age which will see average temperatures soar to 40°Celsius and dinosaur return from extinction according to a dramatic claim from a woman who insists she is a time traveler.
New insight into history of dogs and humans
Dogs were part of a key moment in human history — when our ancestors began trying their hand at farming.
Humans delayed the onset of the Sahara desert by 500 years
Humans did not accelerate the decline of the ‘Green Sahara’ and may have managed to hold back the onset of the Sahara desert by around 500 years, according to new research led by UCL.
Cranium of four-million-year-old hominin shows similarities to that of modern humans
A cranium of a four-million-year-old fossil, which, in 1995 was described as the oldest evidence of human evolution in South Africa, has shown similarities to that of our own, when scanned through high resolution imaging systems.
Chimpanzees have cleaner beds than humans
Chimpanzee beds are cleaner than those of humans because, unlike us, the animals change their ‘sheets’ every night, a new study found.
Robots will outnumber humans by 2048
Robots will outnumber humans by the middle of the century.
Humans have shrunk the planet's mammals
Humans have been altering the course of mammalian evolution for thousands of years, according to new research.
Eyebrows allowed humans to communicate better, outlast other hominins
Why did early humans ditch the big furrowed brows of our ancestors in favor of smaller foreheads and more mobile eyebrows?
Study reveals how humans estimate distance from sound sources
A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shed light on a novel mechanism that is employed by humans to estimate their relative distance from sound sources.
Humans will be on Mars within 20 years
Humans could be exploring Mars within the next 20 years thanks to commercial space flight entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, British astronaut Tim Peake has said.

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