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New images from asteroid probe yield clues on planet formation
Photographs snapped by a shoebox-sized probe that explored the near-Earth asteroid Ryugu offer new clues about its composition, insights that are expected to help scientists understand the formation of our Solar System.
Instagram under fire over shared images of dead teen's body
Social media companies have come under fire after images of a murdered teenage girl’s body were posted online and were widely shared on Instagram as well as other sites including Discord and 4chan.
Amazon faces backlash in India for selling shoes, rugs with images of Hindu gods faced a social media backlash in India on Thursday after toilet seat covers and other items with images of Hindu gods were spotted on the US retailer’s website, making #BoycottAmazon the country’s top trending topic on Twitter.
AI can now read your thoughts, turn them into words, images
A recent article in Nature highlighted a discovery that pushes the boundaries of our imaginations and challenges some of the very attributes that make us human.
Netherlands 'hosts most child sex abuse images'
Almost half of the child sexual abuse images reported to the Internet Watch Foundation last year were hosted in the Netherlands, the organization said.
NASA captures unprecedented images of supersonic shockwaves
NASA captured unprecedented photos of the interaction of shockwaves from two supersonic aircraft, part of its research into developing planes that can fly faster than sound without thunderous ‘sonic booms’.
Scientists produce 3D images that can float in air
Scientists have almost brought to life one of the most classic science fiction technologies — 3D displays, using so-called optical trap display that projects graphics into the air.
New scanning technology yields 3D images of live insects
Scientists in Canada have developed a new method for imaging the insides of insects. The new scanning technology allowed researchers to develop extremely detailed 3D images of living insects.
Stunning images reveal glacial landscapes under the oceans
The footprints of long-gone glaciers and icebergs are now frozen in time in a stunning new collection of images of Earth’s seafloor.
New images show Rohingya refugees with army-inflicted wounds, burns
The Myanmarese army is under more pressure over its brutalities against Rohingya Muslims after fresh images emerged reportedly showing refugees from the minority group with wounds and burns sustained during a military crackdown.
Using deep learning to read images being processed in brain
A team of researchers from several institutions in China has applied deep learning by a computer to the problem of reading visual imagery in the brain and then reproduced it in a 2D format.
Device shows images of earliest stage Alzheimer's
A team at Lund University in Sweden has identified the earliest stages of Alzheimer's disease using images from before beta-amyloid proteins begin to clump.
ALMA shares new images of Sun
For the last 30 months, scientists have been experimenting with the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) and its ability to image the Sun.
Time-lapse images reveal Perseid meteors around the globe
New imagery reveals what the Perseids looked like from all over the world. Student scientists created a composite of streaking meteors, building a global map of the meteor shower.
Juno probe beams back first images from Jupiter orbit
Juno recently beamed back the first images captured while in orbit around Jupiter.

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