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As Trump fumes, public impeachment hearings set to grab spotlight
This week will mark a new and unparalleled chapter in Donald Trump’s tumultuous presidency, as the Democratic-led impeachment probe goes public with televised hearings into allegations about Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.
Trump dubs impeachment probe ‘another Democrat hoax’
US President Donald Trump has called the impeachment inquiry against him “just another Democrat hoax.”
US House formalizes Trump impeachment probe in landmark vote
A deeply divided Congress formally opened a new, public phase of its investigation into President Donald Trump on Thursday as US lawmakers voted for the first time to advance the impeachment process targeting the US chief executive.
Returning from recess, Democrats press Trump impeachment inquiry
The Democratic-led US House of Representatives will crank up its impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump this week as lawmakers return after a two-week recess, with closed-door testimony from current and former administration officials looming.
Federal courts rule against Trump over impeachment probe
Some federal courts dealt blows to US President Donald Trump on Friday just as the limits of his legal strategy to block an impeachment inquiry into his recent exchange with Ukrainian leader became clear.
Trump openly calls on Ukraine, China to investigate Biden
US President Donald Trump openly called on China as well as Ukraine to investigate his potential 2020 election rival Joe Biden, taunting Democrats seeking his impeachment for inviting foreign election interference.
Trump denounces impeachment inquiry as a 'coup'
US President Donald Trump on Tuesday denounced the impeachment inquiry threatening his presidency as a "coup," as his administration pushed back hard against the investigation.
US House impeachment inquiry to intensify; Trump remains defiant
The US House of Representatives impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump over his request that a foreign power investigate a domestic political rival is set to intensify this week, with testimony due from witnesses concerning allegations made by a whistle-blower within the US intelligence community.
Public opinion tipped in favor of Trump impeachment probe: Pelosi
US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Saturday that the American public opinion is now favoring an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, following the release of new information about his conversations with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.
Democrats press ahead with subpoenas, Trump impeachment
Democrats charged aggressively into an impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump on Friday, ordering Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to turn over Ukraine-related documents and scheduling testimony for witnesses to alleged abuse of power by the US leader.
Memo: Trump asked Ukraine leader on Biden claims
US President Donald Trump repeatedly prodded his Ukrainian counterpart to work with his lawyer Rudy Giuliani and the US attorney general to investigate Democratic political rival Joe Biden, according to a rough transcript summarizing the call released Wednesday.
Trump impeachment fight looms over freshmen Dems at home in California
It didn't take long for freshman Rep. Katie Porter to get the question that's been roiling House Democrats this summer: Should Congress impeach President Donald Trump?
​​​​​​​Trump denounces Democratic calls for his impeachment
US President Donald Trump has denounced Democratic calls for his impeachment, calling Democrats "Obstructionists."
More Democrats seeking impeachment proceedings against Trump
More Democrats called — and more loudly — for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump after his latest defiance of Congress by blocking his former White House lawyer from testifying.

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