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Children's noses 'hold clues' to serious lung infections
Examining the bacteria and viruses in the noses of children could give clues to improve the diagnosis and treatment of severe lung infections, a new study has found.
Weaponizing oxygen to kill infections and disease
The life-threatening bacteria called MRSA can cripple a hospital since it spreads quickly and is resistant to treatment.
Clostridium difficile infections decrease 36% in Canadian hospitals
Rates of C. difficile infections have decreased 36 percent in hospitals across Canada, although the virulent NAP1 strain associated with severe illness and deaths is the most common strain, according to research published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).
Spikes in air pollution can heighten risk of chest infections
Even short-term increases in air pollution are linked to a higher risk of developing viral chest infections that turn into conditions such as bronchiolitis, new research suggested.
‘Life-saving’ mattress could stop you getting deadly infections
Deadly infections and painful boils could be caught from your mattress, but a new type of bed could save your life, it’s been claimed.
Deadly bacterial infections could be coming from kitchen sink plughole
Deadly bacterial infections, including from salmonella and Escherichia coli (E.coli), in your bathroom and kitchen plugholes could become airborne and spread into the home, the public has been warned.
Potential link between undercooked chicken and urinary tract infections
Could ingesting undercooked poultry give you a urinary tract infection (UTI)?
'Microbiomes' may hold key to kids' ear infections
Recurrent ear infections are the bane of many children — and the parents who have to deal with their care.
Nine in 10 malaria infections reported in inter-Korean border areas
Nine out of 10 malaria infections in South Korea occur in border areas with North Korea, a member of a provincial government disease control body said Saturday.
Viral infections found decreasing muscle health
Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have found that viral infections turn down the intensity of a key cell-signaling pathway linked to healing and health of skeletal muscle and bone, mental well-being and prevention of obesity.
Safeguards may be reducing serious catheter infections
Improved catheter safety measures in hospitals significantly reduce bloodstream infections and health care costs, a new study indicated.
Study's claim 10m a year could die  because of antibiotic resistance dismissed
An official estimate of deaths expected to be caused annually by antimicrobial resistance ― cited by the United Nations and world leaders ― is ‘unreliable’ and undermines the fight against superbugs, a group of scientists warned.
Cholera infections in Yemen climb to more than 1,400 within weeks: WHO
The World Health Organization (WHO) says the number of suspected cholera cases in Yemen has soared to 1,410 ever since the outbreak of the infectious disease was declared in the conflict-plagued impoverished Arab country three weeks ago.
Dilute honey 'may fight urine infections'
Honey and water might be a useful weapon against urine infections in hospital patients, say UK researchers.
One drug is 'new hope' for three killer infections
One drug can treat three deadly and neglected infections — Chagas disease, leishmaniasis and sleeping sickness — animal studies show.

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