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India-Iran ties not influenced by any third party: Official
A senior Indian official said India's bilateral ties with Iran are not influenced by New Delhi’s relations with any third party.
US says no evidence foreign states impacted 2018 midterm elections
Senior officials in the US government say that foreign states did not significantly influence the 2018 congressional elections, despite reports of hacking attempts leading up to the midterm elections in November.
Your zip code can influence your risk of serious diseases
A new study from McMaster University has revealed that where you live may influence your risk of serious diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.
Older bees influence younger bees to fan wings, cool hive
To keep bee hives cool, honey bees fan their wings to promote circulation. New research suggested the behavior is socially influenced.
Social class has a strong influence on cultural tastes
A major national survey of over 1,200 Australians, led by Western Sydney University, found that social class has a strong influence on a person's cultural tastes – with level of education and occupation being key factors in determining cultural preferences.
Turkey to reconstruct Sudan’s ancient port city, seeks to exert influence in Africa
Sudan says Turkey will reconstruct a ruined Ottoman-era port city on Sudan’s Red Sea coast, as Ankara seeks to expand its military and economic ties in the African continent.
America’s global influence has dwindled under Donald Trump
Thirteen months ago Donald Trump was elected president.
Gut microbes may influence MS progression
Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, or UCSF, have found that gut microbes may play a role in the neurodegeneration that characterizes multiple sclerosis (MS).
UN Envoy: Wisdom, not military might, source of Iran’s influence
A senior Iranian diplomat slammed Saudi Arabia’s hostility towards Iran, saying the Islamic Republic’s regional influence originates from its “wisdom” in dealing with its neighbors rather than its military power.
Yes, your parents’ status does influence your earning power
"If you’re born poor, you die poor," a UK politician lamented six years ago. Sadly, little has changed.
Fatherhood factors influence how dads spend time with children
A father's resources, relationships, and parenting beliefs affect how he spends time with his children and financially provides for his family, finds a study led by NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.
Does weather influence women's risk of developing pregnancy diabetes?
Yet another reason to worry about global warming may be an increase in the number of women who develop diabetes during pregnancy, suggested a new study that found seasonal higher temperatures are tied to an increased risk for what's known as gestational diabetes.
Putin ordered influence campaign to ‘advantage’ Trump: Clapper
Former Director of US National Intelligence James Clapper has defended the assessment by the intelligence community that Russian President Vladimir Putin directly interfered in last year’s presidential election to help Donald Trump.
EU rejects May’s claim that it trying to influence UK election
The European Parliament’s president has dismissed British Prime Minister Theresa May’s claim that the EU is seeking to intervene in Britain’s June election.

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