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Intelligent people more likely to swear
Intelligent people are more likely to swear, a study found.
OSU steps up research on robotics, intelligent systems
The College of Engineering at Oregon State University (OSU) has established a new research institute to advance the theory, design, development and deployment of robots and intelligent systems able to interact with people.
Cats may be as intelligent as dogs
The idea that dogs are more intelligent than cats has been called into question.
For 'intelligent' robot, chess is just a hobby
A robot developed by engineers in Taiwan can pour coffee and move chess pieces on a board against an opponent, but he's looking for a real job.
Lifting weights could make you more intelligent
Regularly lifting weights could make you more intelligent, a new study of people with the early signs of dementia suggested.
Get more sleep to appear more intelligent
A new study from the University of St Andrews has found that getting more sleep may help individuals appear more intelligent to their teachers and prospective employers by influencing their neutral expression.
Intelligent robots threaten millions of jobs
Advances in artificial intelligence will soon lead to robots that are capable of nearly everything humans do, threatening tens of millions of jobs in the coming 30 years, experts warned.

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