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Trump, in call, urged Ukraine to investigate Biden’s son
President Donald Trump urged the new leader of Ukraine this summer to investigate the son of former vice president Joseph Biden, a person familiar with the matter said. Democrats condemned what they saw as a clear effort to damage a political rival, now at the heart of an explosive whistleblower complaint against Trump.
Senators ask Fed to investigate Trump’s Deutsche Bank transactions
A group of Democratic lawmakers in the US Senate have called on the Federal Reserve to investigate President Donald Trump’s relationship with Germany’s Deutsche Bank over alleged suspicious transactions.
Syria demands international mechanism to investigate US-led coalition's crimes
The Syrian government has demanded an independent and international mechanism to investigate the crimes being perpetrated against civilians by the US-led coalition purportedly fighting the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group.
UK jets scrambled to investigate Russia planes flying over Black Sea
Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) scrambled two Typhoon jets from a base in Romania to shadow Russian fighter jets allegedly flying near NATO air space in the skies over the Black Sea.
Malaysia sets up task force to investigate 1MDB
Malaysia has set up a task force to probe allegations that billions of dollars were looted from sovereign wealth fund 1MDB in an audacious fraud overseen by ousted leader Najib Razak.
UK investigates source of nerve agent in ex-Russian spy attack
British detectives are trying to find the source of the nerve agent they claim was used in the alleged attempted murder of a Russian former double-agent and his daughter.
Burkina Faso investigates simultaneous attacks
Burkina Faso began investigations into the simultaneous attacks on the French Embassy and army headquarters in the capital by an Al-Qaeda-linked group on Friday. Four French military experts are expected later Sunday in Ouagadougou.
UN rights chief calls on Spain to investigate referendum violence
The United Nations has called on Spanish authorities to launch a thorough and impartial investigation into the violence perpetrated during Catalonia's independence referendum.
ICC wants to investigate refugee-related crimes in Libya
The International Criminal Court (ICC) says it is weighing an investigation into human trafficking and refugee-related crimes in Libya, where the UN says they are being traded in so-called slave markets.
Greek police investigate string of deaths in refugee camp
Police are investigating the deaths of three refugees in less than a week at a badly overcrowded camp in Greece.
Trump may urge foreign governments to investigate Clinton: Report
US President-elect Donald Trump may encourage foreign nations to investigate his defeated Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, a report says.
US offers help to investigate coup attempt in Turkey
US Secretary of State John Kerry says Washington is ready to help Turkey investigate a failed coup, inviting Ankara to share any evidence it has against US-based opposition cleric Fethullah Gulen.
Physicists investigate structure of time
Although in theory it may seem possible to divide time up into infinitely tiny intervals, the smallest physically meaningful interval of time is widely considered to be the Planck time, which is approximately 10-43 seconds. This ultimate limit means that it is not possible for two events to be separated by a time smaller than this.

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