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Fruit juice can influence slow weight gain over time
Fruit juice isn't doing any favors for your waistline, a new study reported.
Beetroot juice can reduce heart attack risk
Blood pressure could be lowered with beetroot juice and could dramatically reduce heart attack risk, a research team has revealed.
Health benefits of carrot juice
Carrot is a popular veggie which can be eaten both in cooked or raw form. Mostly this healthy vegetable is eaten as a salad. For those who don't like to eat the veggie, try drinking its juice as it is good for health.
Orange juice could improve brain function
Drinking orange juice could help improve brain function in elderly people, according to new research from the University of Reading.
Pomegranate juice reduces hypertension
A new study by Iranian researchers has found that patients suffering from hypertension can lower their blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health by consuming pomegranate juice for two weeks.
Antioxidant activity of citrus juice undervalued
The antioxidant activity of citrus juices and other foods is undervalued. A new technique developed by researchers from the University of Granada for measuring this property generates values that are 10 times higher than those indicated by current analysis methods. The results suggest that tables on the antioxidant capacities of food products that dieticians and health authorities use must be revised.

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