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Cabinet OKs reforms to address Japan's labor market woes
The Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe approved Friday a suite of labor reforms designed to solve Japan’s demographic challenges while creating conditions to promote job growth, particularly for those struggling to find stable work.
Shariatmadari: Iranian, Azerbaijani labor ministries can cooperate in many fields
Iran’s Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare can cooperate with Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population in many different fields.
UK labor market stays resilient as wage growth accelerates
The UK labor market performed better than forecast in the three months through April, which may strengthen the hawkish comments coming from the Bank of England about interest-rate hikes.
Japan's labor crunch reshaping how companies attract workers
Misaki Harada wants to quit her job as a receptionist at a restaurant management company in Tokyo and move into marketing for an apparel maker.
Chip labor: Robots replace waiters in China restaurant
The little robotic waiter wheels up to the table, raises its glass lid to reveal a steaming plate of local Shanghai-style crayfish and announces in low, mechanical tones, "Enjoy your meal."
Study shows labor exodus hurting Saudi economy
A new research shows that an unprecedented exodus of foreign workers is hurting the Saudi economy and this has already become a source of criticisms against a controversial domestic labor empowering initiative devised by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.
Air France-KLM boss resigns over labor dispute
Air France-KLM Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jean-Marc Janaillac has offered to resign after employees rejected a pay raise.
Advanced economies need migration to boost labor: IMF
Aging populations in advanced economies drain the labor force and could slow economic growth, but allowing an influx of immigrant workers could counteract that decline, the International Monetary Fund says.
Greek protesters storm into labor ministry
Demonstrators with Greek Communist-affiliated group PAME stormed into the labor ministry on Tuesday protesting over new labor reforms demanded by the country's foreign creditors.
Labor backs Bishop’s call for US to continue Iran nuclear deal support
Australia’s Labor has backed Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s urgings to the Donald Trump administration not to abandon the Iran nuclear deal as both sides of Australian politics agree it could imperil negotiations with North Korea.
EU reaches compromise on low-cost eastern labor
EU ministers struck a compromise after marathon talks about low-cost labor from eastern and central Europe, a decision affecting workers posted temporarily to more affluent bloc members.
EU states fail to agree reform of labor rules sought by Macron
The 28 European Union states failed to agree in a first round of talks on Monday on reforming the bloc’s labor rules that poorer countries value but French President Emmanuel Macron dismisses as undercutting his workers.
Tens of thousands of migrants flee as Thailand imposes new labor rules
Tens of thousands of migrants have fled Thailand amid government efforts to revamp labor regulations as well as an unfolding crackdown on illegal workers.
Spain’s labor reform delivers jobs but at a cost
Spain’s labor market reform has helped bring down sky-high unemployment but critics complain the bulk of the jobs it created offer lower salaries and less security.

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