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‘Spanish Stonehenge’ is abovewater water for first time in 50 years
After 50 years out of sight beneath the waters of a man-made lake in western Spain, the 7,000-year-old megalithic monument, known as the Dolmen of Guadalperal, is finally back on dry land.
Iran sees 'revival' of imperilled Lake Urmia
It is one of the worst ecological disasters of recent decades, but the shrinking of Iran's great Lake Urmia finally appears to be stabilizing and officials see the start of a revival.
Bird population increases in Turkey's Lake Van
The numbers of birds in eastern Turkey's Lake Van basin have increased following heavy rains in the region, according to a biology professor.
Adrenalin in nature: Paragliding over Lake Van
Located on the shores of Lake Van, which is famous for its blue waters and beautiful nature, Altınsaç and the İn bay area in Van's Gevaş District have become the new address for Turkey's paragliders.
Valasht Lake: A natural attraction in northern Iran
Valasht Lake with its depth ranging from 7 to 28 meters and an altitude of 1,000 meters above the Caspian Sea level is located about 30 kilometers northeast of Kelardasht in the Northern Province of Mazandaran.
‘Blood Lake’ blooms in Iran
Iran's briny Lake Orumieh recently appeared in satellite images with blood-red waters resembling the aftermath of a particularly gruesome crime scene — and the perpetrators are likely microorganisms that thrive on salt and light.
Fresh steps to save Orumieh Lake
The Headquarters for Reviving Orumieh Lake has announced new solutions for the remaining months of 2016 to revive the dried Orumieh Lake in the northwest of the country, said a senior official of the headquarters.
Rouhani says government working vigorously to revive Orumiyah Lake
President Hassan Rouhani said the government was working hard on projects to revive Orumiyah Lake.
Tohidi: DiCaprio's comment on Lake Orumieh stresses its importance
The director of Fifth Green International Film Festival Farhad Tohidi said Leonardo DiCaprio's Instagram post about Lake Orumieh indicates the environmental concern about the lake at the international scale.
DiCaprio invited to visit Orumieh Lake
Arts & Culture Desk Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio has been invited to visit Orumieh Lake in the northeast of Iran after he posted a warning on his Instagram account over the drying lake.
Official: Drying Lake Orumieh poses health risks
Skin cancer is posing a grave risk to people who live in the vicinity of drying Lake Orumieh in West Azarbaijan province, said a senior provincial official.
Norway to study Caspian-Orumieh water transfer
Research and study of the project to channel water from Caspian Sea to Lake Orumieh has been assigned to a Norwegian company.
Zarivar Lake, lost paradise in Iran's Kurdistan
The freshwater wetland, Zarivar Lake, known as a lost paradise in the Iranian western province of Kurdistan, never fails to amaze visitors.
Avan Lake
The province of Qazvin geographically is like a bridge connecting the capital of the country to northern and western Iran.

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