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Germany ran world's largest current account surplus in 2019: Ifo
Germany’s current account surplus remained the world’s largest last year despite trade tensions, the Ifo economic institute said on Monday, in an estimate likely to renew criticism of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s fiscal policies.
Europe's largest bank says its quarterly profit jumped 31%
SBC, Europe's largest bank, reported first-quarter earnings on Friday that beat expectations.
Scientists find one of Earth’s largest living things
A giant honey mushroom considered a contender for the largest organism on the planet is both much larger and much older than previously thought.
How world’s largest NGO provides aid to Rohingya people
Over the past few decades, an ethnic group of Muslims known as the Rohingya has been subject to extreme poverty and inhumane persecution in Southeast Asia.
Iran to host largest pharma event in Middle East
The largest pharmaceutical event in Iran and in the Middle East, Iran Pharma Expo 2018, will be held late in September with more than 500 active companies in the field of medicine and related industries, in attendance.
World's largest robot delivers first consignment of iron ore
An autonomous train carrying 28,000 tons of iron ore has completed its maidan delivery in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, traveling over 280 kilometers from a mine in Tom Price to the Port of Cape Lambert.
Can this ultra-thin 'sunscreen' save world's largest coral reef?
Like other coral reefs around the world, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is facing big threats from climate change — such as warmer and more acidic seawater and increased ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the Sun.
Largest prime number discovered
At more than 23m digits long, the number is something of a beast. But for mathematicians, the latest discovery from a global gang of enthusiasts is a thing of beauty: The largest prime number ever found.
China is now the world's largest issuer of 'green' bonds
China has dominated global issuance of ‘green’ bonds for two straight years — a trend that will likely continue as the world's top carbon-emitter tries to play a larger role to contain climate change.
Shemshak, third largest ski resort in Iran
In a country wherein the center is covered with two vast deserts including the hottest spot on Earth (70°C in Dasht-e Lut), the last thing you’d expect to see is a ski resort.
Tesla builds world's largest battery
Tesla has built the world's largest battery in less than 100 days, with founder Elon Musk tweeting his congratulations to the company team behind the effort.
'Sea dragon' fossil largest on record
The fossil of a marine reptile rediscovered in a museum is the largest of its kind on record, said scientists.
Paleontologists unearth largest dinosaur species in Patagonia
Paleontologists have unearthed a new species of titanosaur in Argentina's Patagonia. Researchers believe it is the largest dinosaur species ever discovered.

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