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Seven-month lead, zinc output up
Mineral extraction and production by lead and zinc companies affiliated to the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) remarkably increased during March 21-October 22, 2019.
Yazd’s Mahdiabad three-month lead, zinc mineral output tops 140,000 tons
Mahdiabad Mineral Complex extracted 141,976 tons of lead and zinc minerals during March 21-June 21, according to figures released by Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development & Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) on Sunday.
Iran develops new technology to process lead, zinc ores
Iranian experts developed a new technology to process lead and zinc ores using pyro-metallurgy method.
Marketing services deals reached $33b in 2018, tech companies lead
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the marketing world reached $33 billion in 2018, an increase of 144 percent on the previous year, according to consultancy R3.
Iran, US lead global polyethylene capacity growth to 2026
Iran and the US will lead the global polyethylene market capacity growth, which is poised to increase from 110.5 million tons per annum (mtpa) in 2017 to 150.9 mtpa in 2026, said GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.
Lead, zinc exports reflect growing trend despite raw material shortage
Iran's lead and zinc exports during the five-year period to March 2018 reflected an increasing trend despite the shortage of raw materials faced by the domestic industry, according to figures by the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO).
Where will a trade war with China lead the US?
On Friday, US President Donald Trump carried his protectionist promises to another level and slapped tariffs on more than $34 billion worth of Chinese products. And this is just the beginning. Another $16 billion is on its way in two weeks from now, adding to a total of $50 billion of Chinese goods that would be charged a 25 percent import tax at US borders. And yet even more is to come. Trump has threatened another $500 billion worth of Chinese goods with tariffs if China retaliates. On Thursday, Trump said that initially, "34 [billion], and then you have another 16 in two weeks and then as you know we have 200 billion in abeyance and then after the 200 billion we have 300 billion in abeyance. Ok? So we have 50 plus 200 plus almost 300."
Shia cleric, paramilitary leader surge at Iraq election
An alliance headed by Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr and a rival bloc of former fighters appeared to surge Monday in surprise preliminary results from Iraq's first poll since the defeat of the Daesh terror group.
US deaths from lead exposure 10 times higher than thought
Lead exposure may be responsible for nearly 10 times more deaths in the US than previously thought, according to a new study.
Stress eating in early childhood could lead to extra weight later
A new study showed that children as young as four years old who experience stress eat more in the absence of hunger, beginning a cycle that could possibly mean extra pounds down the road.
Breathing dirty air may lead to kidney failure
Air pollution may increase the risk of chronic kidney disease, which can lead to the failure of the organ, a study warned.
Hunger-controlling cells may lead to new way to treat obesity
Cells in the brain that may help control the hunger impulse have been discovered in a development that could lead to new treatments for obesity.
Vegetarian diets can lead to higher heart disease risk
Vegetarian food has been widely proclaimed to be healthier than a traditional ‘meat and two veg’ diet.

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