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High iron levels may help lower cholesterol
People with high iron levels are not only protected against anaemia but are also less likely to have high cholesterol, according to a global study.
Higher calcium levels may predict heart disease
Specks of calcium in the heart's artery walls could signal early risk of cardiovascular disease, particularly in men from South Asian countries, including India, and may help develop treatment methods, researchers say.
Increasing levels of harmful gases recorded at Galashiels landfill site
Environmental data released by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency at the weekend revealed 451,000 kilos of methane were sent into the atmosphere from the rotting garbage at Easter Langlee, 27 percent more than in 2016, when it was 356,000 kilos, and more than twice the level of 2011 when the figure was 197,000 kilos.
Higher levels of PTSD among British army personnel
Post-traumatic stress disorder of serving UK’s Army personnel and military veterans has increased in the last 10 years, a new study suggested.
Brazil sees sharp increase in obesity levels
Obesity affects 18.9 percent of Brazilians living in cities while 54 percent of this population is overweight, according to Health Ministry data published.
Five signs you have low calcium levels
Calcium deficiency, or hypocalcemia, symptoms are triggered by low calcium levels in the body. Symptoms are unlikely to appear in the early stages, but become more likely the longer you have a deficiency. Watch out for these five symptoms of the condition.
High levels of workplace exercise linked to early death
Men with highly physical jobs appear to have a significantly higher risk of early death compared with men who have largely inactive jobs, suggested a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.
Study finds high levels of microplastics in mesopelagic fish
New research demonstrates that there are microplastics in the stomachs of nearly 75 percent of mesopelagic fish caught in the Northwest Atlantic, a finding that highlights the potential of microplastics to be spread throughout the ocean.
8m UK children breathing in illegally high levels of air pollution
Estimates show 61 percent of under-18s live in areas where nitrogen dioxide exceeded legal limits in the UK in 2015.
High levels of ‘happy hormone’ in human brains could be cause of our intelligence
Large amounts of the ‘happy hormone’ dopamine — responsible for pleasurable feelings, as well as other functions — could be responsible for our brain power, a new study found.
Irregular heartbeat may be tied to elevated thyroid levels
A review of 11 studies from Australia, Europe and the US found that patients with atrial fibrillation have higher levels of thyroid hormone.
Women, men report similar levels of work-family conflicts
Contrary to public perception and many media accounts, women and men report similar levels of work-family conflicts, both in the form of work interfering with family and family interfering with work, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.
Drug found to lower levels of biomarker linked to ALS
Researchers found pyrimethamine, a drug to treat malaria, safely and effectively lowers levels of a biomarker linked to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS.
Iran oil exports to West return to pre-sanction levels
Iran’s hard-fought mission to recoup its oil market share in the West is almost complete after exports in May came within a whisker of pre-sanction levels.
Retiring from top jobs linked to lower levels of stress
A new study has found the time period around retirement may widen the socio-economic inequalities regarding stress and overall health in individuals.

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