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Vitamin deficiency in later life
One in two persons aged 65 and above has suboptimal levels of vitamin D in the blood.
Study links spanking during childhood, dating violence later in life
Spanking your child may have unintended consequences as he or she forges adult romantic relationships years later, a new study suggested.
Researchers prolong life by curbing common enzyme
Scientists successfully prolonged the lifespans of flies and worms by inhibiting the activity of an enzyme produced by all animals.
Iranian life expectancy exceeds 75
Life expectancy in Iran has reached 75.6 years, said an official report issued on the occasion of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s 100th day in office.
One type of diet can add years to your life
Obese people who follow a low-fat weight-loss plan could tack extra years onto their life, a new review of medical evidence suggested.
Life begins returning to war-torn Philippine city
Residents of a southern Philippine city where Daesh supporters waged a brutal five-month battle began returning home on Tuesday, but gunfire greeted them as soldiers scoured devastated neighborhoods for remaining terrorists.
Life on Earth was a spawned in ponds struck by meteors
Scientists at McMaster University in Canada have offered a new, detailed explanation for the origins of life.
Global life expectancies rise
The average global life expectancy in 2016 was 72.5 years — 75.3 years for women and 69.8 years for men — according to the report. That’s up from 65.1 years in 1990 and from 58.4 years in 1970.
Thinking you're less active could shorten your life
Thinking that you're less active than others may increase your risk of dying at a younger age, a new study claimed.
Sources: Egypt court sentences dozens of anti-government protesters to life
An Egyptian criminal court sentenced 43 activists to life in prison on Tuesday, judicial sources said, in a retrial of anti-government protesters who clashed with authorities in late 2011.
Hopes of finding life on Mars dealt a blow
Hopes of finding life on Mars, at least on the surface, were dealt a blow by a study revealing that salt minerals present on the Red Planet kill bacteria.
Life is better for Jews in Iran than in Europe: Jewish MP
A Jewish lawmaker at the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) says Jews can freely practice their religion in Iran and have always enjoyed better living conditions in the Islamic Republic than in Europe.
Strong heart can add 4 years of healthy life
Having a healthy heart in middle age adds years of illness free life, scientists have claimed.
Another nearby ‘Earth-like planet’ found that may be just right for life
Astronomers have found yet another planet that seems to have just the right Goldilocks combination for life: Not so hot and not so cold. It’s not so far away, either.
Going from low- to intermediate-fitness may prolong life
Improving cardiovascular fitness over time may prolong life, suggested a new study.

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