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4,500-year-old Lebanese pots shed light on Egypt’s Pyramid builders' life
Ancient Egypt’s mysteries are slowly being unraveled by archeologists who have just opened a window into the lives of the builders who raised Egypt’s famous pyramids.
Life could have emerged from lakes with high phosphorus
Life as we know it requires phosphorus. It's one of the six main chemical elements of life, it forms the backbone of DNA and RNA molecules, acts as the main currency for energy in all cells and anchors the lipids that separate cells from their surrounding environment. But how did a lifeless environment on the early Earth supply this key ingredient?
We may finally understand how life survived icy hell of Snowball Earth
Life has faced many challenges as it has scrambled over this blue marble; many times, it has seemingly reached the brink, only to come back with surprising vigor. Now, researchers have finally figured out how living things could have survived a colossal glaciation event known as the Cryogenian Period.
NASA detects building blocks of life in two meteorites
A team of scientists says it has found sugar molecules — crucial to the development of life on Earth — in two different fallen meteorites.
Mind-blowing study confirms Earth had living organisms 3.5b years ago
In the search for the earliest life on Earth, it can be hard to tell whether you're looking at an actual fossil, or crinkles in the rock itself. Such doubts have long shadowed the 1980s discovery of 3.5 billion-year-old fossils in the Australian desert. Now, scientists think they have finally put the matter to bed.
India's top court tells gov’t to restore normal life to Kashmir
India’s top court said on Monday the federal government should restore normal life in Kashmir as soon as possible, as a partial shutdown of the disputed region entered its 42nd day.
Exoplanets could have better conditions for life than Earth, study says
Earth seems like the perfect hub for life because it's the only planet known so far to host it — but new research suggests that other planets could have oceans that are even more hospitable, offering life that is more varied than we know it.
NASA confirms mission to discover if Jupiter moon Europa can support life
NASA is moving ahead with an ambitious mission to explore a moon of Jupiter and discover whether it could support life.
NASA rover on Mars detects puff of gas that hints at possibility of life
Mars, it appears, is belching a large amount of a gas that could be a sign of microbes living on the planet today.
Keen sense of smell linked to longer life
Older adults with a poor sense of smell may die sooner than their counterparts who have keen olfactory abilities, a US study suggests.
Disabled Chinese farmer's life changed by ecommerce
Life has not been easy for Xu Xinsheng, a disabled farmer from the Xihua County in central China's Henan Province.
1 in 5 young people in UK believe life is not worth living: Study
A growing number of young people in Britain are fed up with their life, amid a sense of overwhelming pressure from social media which is driving feelings of anxiety and inadequacy, according to a new survey.
'I predict a great revolution': Inside the struggle to define life
All the brain cells of life on Earth still cannot explain life on Earth. Its most intelligent species has uncovered the building blocks of matter, read countless genomes and watched spacetime quiver as black holes collide. It understands much of how living creatures work, but not how they came to be. There is no agreement, even, on what life is.
Study: China could lift life expectancy by nearly three years if it meets WHO smog standards
China could raise average life expectancy by 2.9 years if it improves air quality to levels recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), according a new study from a US research group.

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