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NHS prevention plan aims to boost life expectancy
People in England are being told to cut back on alcohol, sugar, salt and fat in a bid to boost the nation's life expectancy by five years, reported BBC.
Being too fat or too thin 'can cost four years of life'
Being overweight or underweight could knock four years off life expectancy, a study in a Lancet journal suggested.
Women's healthy life expectancy stalled thanks to Alzheimer's disease
The number of years a woman can expect to live in decent health has stalled for the first time due to the rising prevalence of dementia, according to a government report.
Early age of type 1 diabetes diagnosis linked to shorter life expectancy
Life-expectancy for individuals with younger-onset disease is on average 16 years shorter compared to people without diabetes, and 10 years shorter for those diagnosed at an older age.
Census: Iranians are living longer
Life expectancy in Iran has risen by 18 months among women and 12 months among men in the past five years, the Statistical Center of Iran announced on Tuesday.
US life expectancy falls for second straight year amid opioid crisis: CDC
US deaths from drug overdoses skyrocketed 21 percent last year, and for the second straight year dragged down how long Americans are expected to live.
Rise in UK life expectancy has stalled since 2010
A century-long rise in life expectancy in the UK has stalled since 2010 when austerity brought about deep cuts in NHS and social care spending, according to research by a former government adviser on the links between poverty and ill-health.
Air pollution affects life expectancy
Air pollution for city-dwellers is nothing new, but many might be horrified to learn how badly the problem could be affecting them.
Africa’s life expectancy jumps dramatically
Life expectancy in a swath of African countries since 2000 surged by between 20 and 42 percent, providing an upbeat counterpoint to the gloom increasingly enveloping the continent.
Traffic noise may reduce life expectancy
Living in an area with noisy road traffic may reduce life expectancy, according to new research published in the European Heart Journal.
Increasing life expectancy behind stroke rise
Iranians have stroke 10 years sooner than peoples of advanced nations, said the president of Iranian Neurological Association.
Health Minister: Life expectancy still low in Iran
Cancerous diseases’ prevalence statistics in Iran are lower than that of advanced countries, but life expectancy in those countries is still higher than our country’s, health, remedy, and medical training minister said here on Wednesday.
Divorce blamed on high life expectancy
Statistics released by Iran National Organization for Civil Registration has show divorce has risen among men and women over the age of 50.
Iranian life expectancy reaches 72
The latest studies show the life expectancy in Iran has reached 72 years, said the health minister.

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