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US lawmakers move to curtail president's power to levy tariffs
US lawmakers on Wednesday introduced legislation to limit the president’s power to levy import tariffs for national security reasons
Caution urged over use of 'carbon unicorns' to limit warming
Climate scientists meeting in Korea are being urged to avoid relying on untested technologies as a way of keeping global temperature rise under 1.5°C.
California to limit use of plastic straws in restaurants
California restaurants will soon stop providing plastic straws unless customers explicitly ask for them, under a new law signed on Thursday by the state's environment-friendly governor.
US Senate moves to limit Trump’s war powers
A group of US senators have brought a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) bill that would limit President Donald Trump’s authority to attack other countries, days after he ordered a missile attack on Syria.
Iran's short 'Limit' wins prize at Bleedingham festival
Iran short 'Limit' won the award for best cinematography at the 6th Bleedingham Horror Film Festival in the US.
Director Daraei knows no ‘Limit’
Iranian short film 'Limit' by Javad Daraei won the Best Short award at Tryon International Film Festival (TRIFF) in the US.
No upper limit to how long humans can live
There is no upper limit to extending our lifespan, said scientists who contradict existing theories which suggested that the maximum human age is peaking at around 115 years.
Nearly 30m diesel cars on EU roads over emissions limit
One year after the Volkswagen 'dieselgate' scandal, nearly 30 million cars on Europe's roads are still way over air pollution limits, campaign group Transport and Environment said in a report.
Emissions from new diesel cars still far higher than official limit
New diesel cars are still emitting many times the official limit for polluting nitrogen oxides when driven on the road, almost a year after the Volkswagen emissions scandal broke.
US banks have little access to Iran
US banks have little access to Iran, despite the lifting of sanctions on the Islamic Republic following the landmark Iranian nuclear deal, AFP reported.
French PM: EU must limit refugee numbers
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls urged the European Union to limit the number of migrants it allows into the bloc, following heightened security concerns after the Paris attacks.
Germany warns at 'limit of capacity'  as migrant numbers surge
German authorities warned Sunday they were stretched to capacity to welcome refugees arriving en masse, as Europe scrambled to hold emergency talks on the unprecedented crisis.
Official: No limits on US oil, gas investment
The current Iranian administration places no limitation on US oil and gas investment in Iran, said Iran's deputy oil minister for international and trade affairs.

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