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Iran promotes foreign nationals' literacy from 6% to 65%
The literacy rate of foreign nationals living in Iran has reached 65 percent from the previous six percent, said the head of the Literacy Movement Organization of Iran in Zahedan, southeastern Iran, on Thursday.
Iran's literacy movement wins UNESCO Confucius Prize
Literacy Movement Organization of Iran was awarded the 2018 UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy for its program 'Consolidated teaching of literacy and ICDL basic computer skills'.
OTC drug literacy essential for tweens, teens
There's so much for parents to talk about with teens heading off to college for the first time.
Social networks useful for improving literacy
Social networks could be more effective than textbooks in improving literacy among people, said Mohammad Mehdizadeh, the deputy head of Iran’ Literacy Movement Organization.
Literacy in the spotlight
The individuals, above 50 and still illiterate, will be deprived of certain public services from next year ending March 2017, said the Education Minister Ali Asghar Fani.
Improving literacy via mobile devices
Mobile technology will be used to improve the literacy rate in Iran, said the head of Iran Literacy Movement Organization, Ali Baqerzadeh.
Iran literacy rate 97%
The literacy rate among Iranians of ages 10-49 is 97 percent, said Deputy Education Minister Ali Baqerzadeh.
More funds for promoting literacy
The government has increased the budget for promoting literacy in the current year, said the head of Iran Literacy Movement Organization (ILMO).
Literacy campaign to continue
Iran's Literacy Organization (ILO) has launched the project of educating unschooled family members of students.

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