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Did US oust Morales for Bolivia’s lithium reserves?
In the wake of the ouster of Bolivian President Evo Morales, a controversial speculation has been raised among analysts who say the military coup may have been intended to ensure US control of the South American country’s massive lithium resources.
US seeks ways to recycle lithium batteries in cars, phones
Calling the effort a national security issue, the agency announced a $15-billion, three-year research and development project housed at the Argonne National Laboratory outside of Chicago, AP wrote.
Making safer, more powerful lithium-ion batteries requires right recipe
A team from Purdue University has published research that examines the relationship between the active and inactive elements of lithium-ion batteries, and how the micro- and nano-structure of their respective ingredients reflects on the performance and safety of the batteries.
'No fire risk' with new lithium batteries
Lithium-ion batteries that are resistant to exploding or catching fire have been developed by scientists.
Lithium in tap water may cut dementia
People with higher levels of lithium in their drinking water appear to have a lower risk of developing dementia, said researchers in Denmark.
Exploding white dwarfs produce most of lithium in universe
Lithium, like almost every element, is produced by astronomical phenomena. Until now, scientists weren't sure which phenomena produced lithium, the lightest solid element in the universe.
Lithium study helps scientists unlock aging puzzle
A common drug could hold the key to long life, in flies at least, according to research.
1st Iranian lithium battery factory launched
The Iranian defense minister on Tuesday inaugurated the country’s first-ever factory manufacturing various types of rechargeable lithium batteries for both military and civilian applications.

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