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Words to live by for Earth Day
By Scott Shalaway*
Four million British workers live in poverty, charity says
More than 500,000 British workers have been swept into working poverty over the past five years, according to a report that shows the number of people with a job but living below the breadline has risen faster than employment.
More than a million UK residents live in 'food deserts', says study
More than a million people in the UK live in ‘food deserts’ — neighborhoods where poverty, poor public transport and a dearth of big supermarkets severely limit access to affordable fresh fruit and vegetables, a study claimed.
British women live shorter lives than most other Europeans
Women in the UK are living shorter lives on average than most of their counterparts in Europe, according to an analysis by Public Health England (PHE).
Elon Musk says we can still go and live on Mars
Elon Musk wants to go and live on Mars – and he is not going to let new scientific findings stop him.
Tabriz, the best Iranian city to live in
Nearly five years ago, the World Health Organization named Tabriz as the healthiest and most hygienic city in Iran.
We live in a magnetic Universe
With the help of a gigantic cosmic lens, astronomers measured the magnetic field of a galaxy nearly five billion light-years away.
China tells women to ‘go home and live well’
On August 21, Chinese women’s rights activist Wu Rongrong went to a police station in Shanxi province to check on her application for a travel permit to Hong Kong, where she has been accepted to graduate school.
Live debates reflect importance of Iran elections: Analyst
An Iranian university lecturer says the live debates between Iran’s presidential hopefuls on state television reflect the reality that elections in the Islamic Republic are “meaningful,” a fact ignored by the West, Press TV reported.
Live, long and black giant shipworm found in Philippines
Scientists have found live specimens of the rare giant shipworm for the first time, in the Philippines.
Live cell imaging using in Sweden smartphone
A recent study from Uppsala University shows how smartphones can be used to make movies of living cells, without the need for expensive equipment.
LIVE UPDATES: Day 3 of operations to liberate Daesh-held Mosul
The long-awaited battle for Mosul enters its third day, in a push which has seen the Iraqi army join forces with various military groups in the country, including Shia, Sunni and Kurdish forces, to drive out Daesh terrorists from their last stronghold in Iraq. Mosul slipped into the hands of Daesh in the summer of 2014. It took months for the army and pro-government volunteer forces to prepare for the decisive offensive to liberate the strategic northern city.
LIVE UPDATES: Day 2 of the battle for Mosul
Tuesday marks the second day of military operations by the Iraqi army, volunteer Shia and Sunni fighters as well as Kurdish Peshmerga forces to liberate the city of Mosul, the last stronghold of Daesh Takfiri terrorists in Iraq, which they overran in June 2014. Operations to free the city have been the subject of long planning, and the large-scale offensives are targeting the city from three different directions. Below is a series of live updates on the second day of the battle for Mosul.
Study: Marine animals live longer at high latitudes
Want to live longer? Live closer to the poles. At least that's the strategy employed by bivalves like oysters, clams, scallops and mussels.

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