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New sepsis test could save thousands of lives'
A new rapid test for earlier diagnosis of sepsis has been developed by Scotland’s University of Strathclyde researchers, which they say could save thousands of lives.
One in 12 in US lives with intrusive chronic pain
Of the 50 million Americans living with chronic pain, the pain is so bad for 20 million that it keeps them from doing the daily activities of life, researchers said.
British women live shorter lives than most other Europeans
Women in the UK are living shorter lives on average than most of their counterparts in Europe, according to an analysis by Public Health England (PHE).
Britain plans for opt-out organ donation scheme to save lives
Britain plans to increase the number of organ donors by changing the rules of consent and presuming that people have agreed to transplants unless they have specifically opted out.
Physically demanding jobs may shorten men's lives
Despite much evidence that getting lots of physical activity bodes well for long-term health, when it is physical labor on the job, the opposite might be true.
Delhi smog shortening lives
In the emergency ward of a Delhi hospital, men and women gasp for breath as they wait to be treated for symptoms triggered by the choking blanket of smog that descended on the national capital this week
Prostate cancer test saves lives, risks remain
Men who get a controversial blood test that looks for signs of prostate cancer appear to have a reduced risk of death from the malignancy, according to a new analysis by an international group of researchers.
Talk to your children about online lives every two weeks
A leading charity has urged parents to do more to keep their children safe online as new figures reveal how often young people are exposed to violence, hatred, sexual content, bullying and other inappropriate content when using the Internet.
Women working together to improve lives of women worldwide
By Chitra Deshpande* This International Women’s Day we celebrate women in the changing world of work, recognizing the need to fully realize women’s working potential in order to achieve Agenda 2030.
Loss of EU funding could cost children's lives
The loss of European funding for medical research could cost the lives of some vulnerable children, London's Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) has said.
US plays a 'quiet but lethal role' in lives of Yemeni civilians
Washington has been playing a "quiet but lethal role" in Yemen through its persisting weapons sales to the Saudi regime, including the globally-banned cluster bombs, a report says.
Mudslide claims 17 lives in remote northeast India
At least seventeen people have lost their lives when incessant rains triggered a mudslide that buried a camp for construction workers in India's far-flung northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh on the border with China.
Cheaper healthy food could save millions of lives
Scientists have been telling Americans about the benefits of healthy eating for decades, and yet more Americans are obese than ever — more than a third of the country.
Breastfeeding can save many kids' lives
If nearly all women worldwide breast-fed their infants and young children, there would be about 800,000 fewer children's deaths and 20,000 fewer breast cancer deaths a year, researchers report.
Blasts near hotel in Egypt’s el-Arish claim four lives
At least four people, including one election judge, have been killed in bomb explosions targeting an area outside an Egyptian hotel in North Sinai, state media reports say.

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