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Low-protein high-carbohydrate diet best for longevity, healthy brain aging
A low-protein high-carbohydrate diet like those practiced in parts of the Mediterranean and Japan may be the best for longevity and healthy brain ageing, according to a study on mice conducted by the University of Sydney released on Wednesday.
Drinking six or more cups of coffee daily may boost longevity
Go ahead and have that cup of coffee, maybe even several more. New research shows it may boost chances for a longer life, even for those who down at least eight cups daily.
Three simple things you can do to help achieve longevity
How to live longer is an age old question which many people wish they knew the answer to.
Blocking fat transport linked to longevity
Researchers, working in nematodes and mice, found that a naturally occurring protein responsible for transporting fats like cholesterol around the body also hinders essential functions in cells that increase life span.

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