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Scientists make DNA into electric circuit
An American team has designed a DNA circuit capable of splitting and combining current, much like an adapter that can connect multiple appliances to a wall outlet.
Social people make more money
A new MassMutual study shows that those who participate in their communities do better financially.
Does dim light make us dumber?
Spending too much time in dimly lit rooms and offices may actually change the brain's structure and hurt one's ability to remember and learn, indicates groundbreaking research by Michigan State University neuroscientists.
Five steps that will make your business more climate resistant
No business is immune to the devastating effects of climate change anymore, as we saw from the onslaught of extreme weather events in 2017. Disasters brought more than $300 billion in damages in 2017, a 60-percent increase over 2016.
US cannot make up for regional blunders by accusing others: Iran
Tehran has rejected US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s recent claims on Iran’s regional role as unfounded, saying such fabrications cannot help undo Washington’s “strategic blunders” in the region.
Disrupting sensitive soils could make climate change worse
Nearly a third of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere annually can be traced back to bacteria living in the soil, where they break down plant and animal matter for energy.
'Handful of changes' make cancer
British scientists have worked out how many changes it takes to transform a healthy cell into a cancer.
Lazy ants make themselves useful in unexpected ways
If the first thing that comes to mind when you think about ants is ‘industrious’, you might be in for a surprise.
How do you make a likable robot?
Which robot do you find easier to like. You might think a robot would be more likely to win people over if it were good at its job. But according to a recent study, people find imperfect robots more likable.
Researchers develop technology to make aged cells younger
Aging. We all face it. Nobody's immune and we've long tried to reverse it, stop it or just even slow it down.
Gut reaction: Unexpected food that can make gain weight
Obesity is a growing problem in the UK, and the country has the highest level in Western Europe.
Researchers to make corrections in climate change models
Global warming is a concept very well-known to people today, even those who are not particularly invested in such matters. However, this knowledge becomes obsolete very quickly, according to a research conducted by Kazan Federal University.
No one can make me quit French election, says scandal-struck Fillon
Beleaguered French presidential candidate Francois Fillon says “no one” can stop him from taking part in the elections.
Iraqi troops make headway against Daesh in western Mosul
Iraqi government soldiers and their allied forces have made more achievements in their push to take back the western flank of the strategic northern city of Mosul from Takfiri Daesh militants.

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