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Denmark, Iceland clash over priceless medieval manuscripts
They recount tales of Viking raids, Norse history, kings and gods: A priceless collection of medieval manuscripts, bequeathed by an Icelandic scholar to the University of Copenhagen in the 18th century that Iceland now wants back.
Ottoman manuscripts on view at Istanbul exhibition
The Istanbul Research Institute’s new exhibition ‘Memories of Humankind: Stories from the Ottoman Manuscripts,’ brings up the Ottoman manuscript culture which gradually lost its importance as the printing press became widespread in the 19th century.
Original Burns manuscripts to go on display for four hours
Original manuscripts of two Robert Burns poems will go on display in Glasgow on Burns Day.
Old English manuscripts on display at British Library
An art exhibition titled 'Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms: Art, Word, War', featuring the only four original literary manuscripts written in Old English, is underway at British Library.
Mass spectrometry technique helps identify forged Burns manuscripts
A team of researchers at the University of Glasgow developed a mass spectrometry technique to identify forged manuscripts. In their paper published in the journal 'Scientific Reports', the group describes their technique and how well it worked when testing known forged Robert Burns manuscripts.
Ambassador: Persian manuscripts in Hungary a valuable collection
Hungary's Academy of Sciences Library holds a valuable collection of Persian manuscripts which number 156 copies, said Iran's ambassador to Hungary.
Peering beneath the surface of ancient manuscripts
Centuries ago medieval monks typically used iron gall ink to copy texts onto parchments made from sheepskin or cowhide. Unfortunately these documents grew harder and harder to read over time, in part because the ink would fade from a dark black to a light brown; the parchment slowly darkened as well. The contrast that was once stark slowly grew distorted, often rendering the texts illegible.
Iran's library receives two rare Qur'an manuscripts
A private detective investigation helped uncover many missing items of a collection of rare antiquities from the house of a former confidante.
Iran, China to cooperate on manuscripts
Exchange and protection of manuscripts can open a new chapter in Iran-China relations, said the director of National Library of China.
6,200 manuscripts identified in Ahvaz
A total of 6,200 manuscripts were identified at the former site of the Faculty of Literature of Shahid Chamran University in Ahvaz in the southwestern province of Khuzestan last week.
Quran manuscripts exhibition opens in Qatar
An exhibition of Quran manuscripts was opened on December 15 at Al-Ritz Carlton Hotel in Doha, Qatar.
Books-manuscripts, Iran's intellectual heritages: NLAI head
Books and manuscripts are the intellectual heritages of Iran which convey the nation’s historical identity to future generations, said the head of the National Library and Archives of Iran (NLAI).

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