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Asian markets mostly up, as Apple suppliers get a boost
After some initial sluggishness, Asia-Pacific stocks generally improved as Wednesday’s trading day progressed. But there were no blowout gains occurring, with nearly all rising indexes up no more than 0.5 percent and many seeing advances of 0.2 percent of less.
Markets breathe easier as Italy government sworn in
Italy’s new anti-establishment government was being installed on Friday, calming markets spooked by the possibility of snap elections that might have become a de facto referendum on quitting the euro.
Bond investors pull money from emerging markets
Emerging market bond funds suffered the first two-week spell of outflows since 2016, as a stronger US dollar raised fears about companies’ ability to repay dollar-denominated debt.
Stock markets, under pressure, on track for worst week in years
Global stock markets remained under pressure Friday, headed for one of their worst weekly performances in years, with analysts wondering whether to greet the sell-off as a healthy correction or fear even worse to come.
Asian markets fight for gains as dollar wobbles
The US dollar turned slightly lower in Asia trading on Friday, quelling the recent rebound in the US after President Donald Trump said the currency would get ‘stronger’.
Moments when central banks turned markets in 2017
The carefully chosen words of central bankers have long influenced financial markets, and even more so since massive stimulus programs have increased their clout.
Investor: Markets are overlooking big, global central bank (Video)
Investors are not pricing in any of the risk of a much tighter monetary environment heading into 2018, said David Sokulsky of Crestone Wealth Management.
Emerging markets set to lead globalization
There has been a rising wave of opposition to globalization across the globe. From widespread trade protectionism to slow trade growth and tightened immigration policies, it would seem that the world is facing a backlash against globalization.
There is a silver lining for emerging markets
By seemingly voting against trade deficits, immigration, low-quality jobs and ‘low-inflation’, western electorates may have unleashed a tectonic policy shift from globalism to national revivalism.
A daunting new year dawns in global markets
Financial historians looking back at 2016 will comment on what did not happen. Politically if not economically it was a wild year and yet most global markets responded with either steady indifference or easy optimism.
World Bank looks to tap markets
The donor-funded World Bank arm responsible for lending to the globe’s poorest countries is preparing to raise billions of dollars in financial markets after being awarded a credit rating for the first time in its 56-year history.
Markets tumble on US rate hike concerns
World markets largely fell on Monday over speculations about an imminent rate hike in September by the US Federal Reserve.
Zanganeh: Markets have absorbed Iran’s rising oil exports
World oil markets have seen no negative impact from a doubling of Iranian exports following the lifting of international sanctions, the country's oil minister said Wednesday.
Emerging markets should shift from dollars to gold
Managers of the world’s $10 trillion or so foreign exchange reserves are in a bind. More and more of the global government bond market shows a negative yield. If held to maturity, such bonds will inflict a certain loss. Those bonds that do offer a positive yield are horribly overvalued by historic standards. If held to maturity, they will show a profit. But the capital value of these so-called safe assets is vulnerable to a spike in yields, which is bad news if central banks need to liquidate them to cope with a currency crisis or fiscal disaster.

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