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Scientists improve ability to measure electrical properties of plasma
Any solid surface immersed within a plasma, including those in satellite engines and fusion reactors, is surrounded by a layer of electrical charge that determines the interaction between the surface and the plasma.
Brain waves measure employee happiness
By using a solution called ‘emotional surveillance technology’, Chinese employers are looking to change the workflow to increase the productivity of their employees and therefore profits.
Researchers measure gene activity in single cells
For biologists, a single cell is a world of its own: It can form a harmonious part of a tissue, or go rogue and take on a diseased state, like cancer.
New method to measure effects of a fourth dimension
Two teams of scientists have measured the effects of a fourth dimension in a pair of lab experiments.
Scientists improve ability to measure rock stress
Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a more accurate method for measuring rock stress.
Forget austerity, this measure gives blessing for a fiscal fest
There's never been a better time to be deep in debt. A dearth of safe assets, low rates and central bank purchases are keeping bond yields low and are likely to continue doing so for years to come. But governments are missing out on this opportunity to finance investments, partly because of their focus on gross debt-to-GDP ratios.
Astronomers measure ripples in the cosmic web
A team of astronomers said they've measured small-scale ripples in the cosmic web — a first.
Tarantulas measure distance with their lateral eyes
The original tarantula species, Lycosa tarantula, sometimes called the tarantula wolf spider, has a knack for geometry.
China targets North Korea with rare trade measure
China has stepped up its own pressure on North Korea over its missile and nuclear programs, suspending imports of North Korean coal, a major source of revenue for the government in Pyongyang.
Stanford scientists measure African crop yields from space
Researchers at Stanford University have developed a new method for accurately measuring crop yields using satellite images.
`China says some factories have violated anti-smog measure
China’s Environmental Ministry said on Tuesday that an unspecified number of companies had violated measures meant to reduce smog during a period of particularly noxious pollution in the country.
Scientists measure impact of local weather on global climate patterns
Scientists usually study weather as a consequence of global climate patterns — an output rather than an input. But new research by scientists at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is a reminder that weather can be analyzed as both a cause and an effect.
Scientists attempt to measure what makes a voice unique
What are the acoustic qualities that make a voice unique? What makes a voice recognizable over the telephone?
Iran supports any measure to improve crude prices
Iran’s Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said on Wednesday that Tehran supports any move which would help stabilize oil market and improve crude prices.

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