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HSE urged to review decision on muscle-wasting medicine
Biogen, an American multinational biotechnology company called on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to look again at the proposed pricing for the only available treatment for the rare but fatal muscle-wasting disease spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).
Ministry: Eight-month medicinal plant exports fetched $300m
Iran exported medicinal plants worth $300 million during March 21-November 21, 2018, said an official of the Iranian Ministry of Agricultural Jihad on Monday.
Iran seeks medicine imports from Brazil
Following the restrictions on Iran after the US exit from Iran nuclear deal, Tehran is seeking to import medicine and medical equipment from Brazil, said Iran's health minister on Friday.
Qassemi: SPV does not just include purchasing medicine, food
Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said a financial mechanism designed by the European Union to facilitate trade with Iran does not just include purchasing medicine and food.
Iran allocates $3.5b for medicine, medical equipment imports
An Iranian official said the allocation of budget for importing pharmaceutical and medical products is in progress without a hitch, noting that $3.5 billion has so far been disbursed for the purpose.
Iran, Iraq plan to ditch dollar in trade, remove visa restrictions
Iranian ambassador to Baghdad said Iran and Iraq are weighing plans to eliminate US dollar in trade transactions and also lift visa requirements for citizens of the two countries.
Turkey ready to enhance cooperation with Iran in medicinal herbs
Turkey is ready to enhance cooperation with Iran in the field of medicinal herbs, said Turkish minister of agriculture and forest.
German scientists find Chinese medicine ingredient potential treatment for obesity
German scientists discovered that a herbal ingredient from traditional Chinese medicine showed promising results in weight loss, and the findings were published in the latest edition of the journal ‘Diabetes’.
Medicine cannot reach Yemen due to Saudi-led blockade: Norwegian aid group
An international aid group says it has not been able to deliver vital medical and humanitarian assistance to the people in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, due to constant Saudi airstrikes and a crippling blockade on the war-torn country.
Unpublished Egyptian texts reveal new insights into ancient medicine
The University of Copenhagen in Denmark is home to a unique collection of Ancient Egyptian papyrus manuscripts. A large part of the collection has not yet been translated, leaving researchers in the dark about what they might contain.
Google Doodle honors Persian Avicenna's 1,038th birth anniversary
Astronomy, medicine, theology, physics, arithmetic, poetry — there was seemingly no discipline left untouched by the renowned Persian polymath Avicenna, celebrated yesterday by Google Doodle in honor of what would have been his 1,038th birthday.
Chile has medicine against desertification, but does not take it
The retention of rainwater which otherwise is lost at sea could be an excellent medicine against the advance of the desert from northern to central Chile, but there is no political will to take the necessary actions, according to experts and representatives of affected communities.
Iranian traditional medicine key to optimal health, life style
Iranian traditional medicine, also known as Persian traditional medicine, is one of the most famous and ancient forms of traditional medicine, whose earliest record can be traced back to 6,500 BC.
Therapy at forefront of modern medicine
Thanks to their incredible versatility, they are used in medicine to treat, or try to prevent, a host of diseases and conditions.

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