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US eases regulations blocking food, medicine sales to Iran
The US is taking steps to ease sales of food and medicine to Iran amid illegal sanctions imposed on the country by the Trump administration.
South Korea urged to act on stalled pharma exports to Iran
Iranian businesses and lawmakers complained that the South Korean government has not done enough to ensure that exports of pharmaceutical products to Iran continue despite US sanctions.
Don’t rely on German fiscal medicine to fix economy’s ailments
Even with Germany mired in an industrial slump and possibly flirting with recession, don’t expect Chancellor Angela Merkel to loosen the purse strings just yet.
Study could open a new era in transplantation medicine
For decades, immunologists have been trying to train the transplant recipient's immune system to accept transplanted cells and organs without the long-term use of anti-rejection drugs. New University of Minnesota preclinical research shows that this is now possible.
Lions, tigers suffer painful deformities in industrial breeding schemes for traditional Chinese ‘medicine’
Lions and tigers are being born with painful deformities caused by inbreeding at industrial-style centers that harvest their body parts for a growing trade in traditional Asian ‘medicine’, investigators have revealed.
Iran’s annual medicinal plant exports reach $570m
Iran exported $570 million worth of medicinal plants during the last Iranian year (ended March 20, 2019) to register an increase of $120 million compared to the previous year, said an official with the Agriculture Ministry.
Minister: US claim of not targeting Iran’s medicine sector a ‘big lie’
Iranian Health Minister Saeid Namaki dismissed as “a big fat lie” the US administration’s claim that its sanctions have not targeted Iran’s health sector and imports of medicines.
Here is how laughing out loud can be best medicine for type 2 diabetes
We have always heard of how laughter is the best medicine, and the saying holds true for a lot of health problems. When we are with a group of friends or family, we laugh, smile, share experiences and funny stories, which make us feel instantly better.
Iran seeking joint investment in Iraq's pharmaceutical sector
Iranian Minister of Health Saeed Namaki said that Iran has serious plans to make a joint investment in the Iraqi pharmaceutical sector.
HSE urged to review decision on muscle-wasting medicine
Biogen, an American multinational biotechnology company called on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to look again at the proposed pricing for the only available treatment for the rare but fatal muscle-wasting disease spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).
Ministry: Eight-month medicinal plant exports fetched $300m
Iran exported medicinal plants worth $300 million during March 21-November 21, 2018, said an official of the Iranian Ministry of Agricultural Jihad on Monday.
Iran seeks medicine imports from Brazil
Following the restrictions on Iran after the US exit from Iran nuclear deal, Tehran is seeking to import medicine and medical equipment from Brazil, said Iran's health minister on Friday.
Qassemi: SPV does not just include purchasing medicine, food
Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said a financial mechanism designed by the European Union to facilitate trade with Iran does not just include purchasing medicine and food.
Iran allocates $3.5b for medicine, medical equipment imports
An Iranian official said the allocation of budget for importing pharmaceutical and medical products is in progress without a hitch, noting that $3.5 billion has so far been disbursed for the purpose.

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