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Men warned to check for male breast cancer symptoms
A man who noticed a lump "the size of a frozen pea" has urged men to check for breast cancer symptoms.
Women more likely to have 'typical' heart attack symptoms than men
Women who have heart attacks experience the same key symptoms as men, quashing one of the reasons given for women receiving unequal care.
Study: Women no longer regarded as less competent than men
A nationally representative study of gender stereotypes in the United States shows that women are no longer regarded as less competent than men on average.
Women outperform men after Japan medical school stops rigging exam scores
Women have outperformed their male counterparts in entrance examinations for a medical school in Japan that last year admitted rigging admission procedures to give men an unfair advantage.
Author: World designed for men constantly failing women
A ‘gender data gap’ is making the lives of women around the world more dangerous — from the misdiagnosis of heart attacks to ill-fitting protective equipment, according to a new book published this week in Britain.
Breakthrough for NHS England as hundreds more men study nursing
The National Health Service (NHS) England has seen a significant rise in the number of men applying to be nurses, following a recruitment drive aimed at changing attitudes towards a career long stereotyped as female-dominated.
Chinese delivery men sitting tall in the saddle
As millions of Chinese go home for the upcoming Spring Festival, many food delivery men (Waimai Xiaoge) will not go home but tirelessly continue to work.
US women earn half the income of men: Study
American women were paid roughly half of what men have earned for doing the same job over the past 15 years, considering time off for family or child care, according to a new study
street full of funny men in Yangon, Meyanmar
Who doesn’t like a good laugh? The work of cartoonists, like jesters, clowns, comedians, cut across the gender divide, close generational gaps, and generally eases tensions except for those on the receiving end of the jokes.
Men who exercise might pass down healthier metabolism to their kids, study says
Here's another reason for wannabe dads to exercise: Sweating it out now might pay off later in better health for your children, according to a new study.
Panorama: Can violent men ever change?
Every year more than a million people are victims of domestic abuse in the UK. Often the focus is on helping the victim find safety — but what of the abusers? Should they be given help? And can they change?
CERN scientist: 'Physics built by men — not by invitation'
A senior scientist gave what has been described as a ‘highly offensive’ presentation about the role of women in physics, the BBC learned.
More men pass entrance exams than women at 80% of Japan’s medical schools: Survey
A government survey showed on Tuesday that men passed entrance exams more than women at nearly 80 percent of medical schools polled after a medical university in Tokyo admitted last month to altering exam scores to limit the enrollment of female students.

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