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US seniors fulfill dreams, fight depression with virtual reality
Nidia Silva had never realized her dream of swimming with dolphins until a Miami NGO gave her a pair of virtual reality glasses as part of an experimental treatment for depression and isolation in senior citizens.
Coffee has surprising effect on mental health
For some people, coffee maybe just a source of caffeine, and they may consume it to fulfill their addiction; but in reality, this beverage has a complex combination of chemical compounds. Coffee is grown in almost 70 countries around the world, and it has a long history of surprising health benefits.
Too many children in UK mental health hospitals, says report
Too many children in England are being admitted to mental health hospitals unnecessarily, according to a report.
NHS England loses 6,000 mental health nurses in 10 years
The number of mental health nurses in England has slumped by more than a tenth over the past decade, new figures have revealed.
New Zealand's world-first ‘wellbeing’ budget to focus on poverty, mental health
Child poverty, domestic violence and mental health will be the priorities in New Zealand’s ‘wellbeing budget’, the finance minister announced, with the nation declaring itself the first in the world to measure success by its people’s wellbeing.
Doctors: Spring cleaning good for your mental health
Spring cleaning isn’t just good for your home, it can actually lift your mood too.
Cost of ignoring mental health in workplace
Mental health is something we all have, just like physical health. And just like physical health, mental health can sit anywhere on a scale from good to bad. It’s a commonly accepted fact that adults spend roughly one-third of their lives at work. That’s a significant amount of time, within which we are likely to experience a spectrum of physical and mental health.
Anger over failure to curb mental health crisis in Scottish schools
Scottish ministers are failing to do enough to tackle the growing mental health crisis in schools, campaigners have warned.
PSNI receive 400 calls per week about mental health
The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) receive 400 calls relating to mental health every week.
Child anxiety could be a factor in school absences
The study, published in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, increases our understanding of the link between anxiety and poor school attendance, particularly when unexcused.
Excluded children more likely to develop mental health conditions
Children who are excluded are more likely to develop a mental health condition than their peers who stay in mainstream, a leading researcher told the Mental Health in Education conference on Wednesday.
Fruits and vegetables important for mental, physical well-being
Specifically, the findings indicate that eating just one extra portion of fruits and vegetables a day could have an equivalent effect on mental well-being as around 8 extra days of walking a month (for at least 10 minutes at a time).
Beauty retailer urged to check mental health of customers before cosmetic procedures
The UK National Health Service (NHS) has told Superdrug, the second largest health and beauty retailer in the country, it could do more to protect the mental health of customers who want injections to smooth skin or plump lips.
Mental health patients have been thrown down the Brexit rabbit-hole
The whole thing reads like a misprint: if you present at your GP’s with mild to moderate depression or anxiety, you will wait, on average, six weeks for treatment, which itself sounds like a significant amount of time. But if you arrive with a very severe mental illness — schizophrenia or bipolar disorder — you will wait much longer, 14 weeks, just for an assessment.

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