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Ancient stores of methane may not be a threat, study suggests
Ancient methane in thawing permafrost or beneath Arctic ice may not pose a major climate threat, according to a new study.
Scientists find way to extract methane from permafrost
Scientists have devised a new way of extracting methane gas from permafrost gas-hydrates. They say the discovery could increase the amount of methane recovered from these sites, while reducing the amount of greenhouse gas released into the atmosphere from other fuel combustion processes — in effect, making the process "more environmentally friendly."
Methane emissions from coalmines could stoke climate crisis
The methane emissions leaking from the world’s coalmines could be stoking the global climate crisis at the same rate as the shipping and aviation industries combined.
Study shows potential for reduced methane from cows
An international team of scientists has shown it is possible to breed cattle to reduce their methane emissions.
Mars rover's large methane discovery excites scientists
NASA’s Curiosity rover has detected its largest belch of methane on Mars so far, fueling speculation that the robot may have trundled through a cloud of waste gas released by microbial Martians buried deep under the surface.
NASA rover on Mars detects puff of gas that hints at possibility of life
Mars, it appears, is belching a large amount of a gas that could be a sign of microbes living on the planet today.
Methane still leaking from the ground at site of gas explosion decades ago
A team with members from several institutions in the Netherlands has found that the area around a site where a gas explosion occurred in 1965 is still emitting methane gas from the ground into the air.
Methane bursts may have warmed a young Mars
There is overwhelming evidence that water flowed across and collected on the surface of Mars some three billion to four billion years ago. Yet, most models predict early Mars was too cold for liquid water. What gives?
California moves to add methane limits to climate agenda
California Democrats are taking further steps to advance the state's ambitious climate-change agenda, agreeing to regulate methane emissions from landfills and dairy farms for the first time and approving $900 million in spending on environmental programs.
California methane leak 'largest in US history'
A scientific analysis of a natural gas leak near Los Angeles says that it was the biggest in US history.

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