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Controversial paper suggests we could just 'infect' Mars with life
What do you imagine the first settlers on Mars will look like? Maybe they'll be the best and brightest our world has to offer: People from countries around the world with multiple degrees and decades of training in astrophysics.
Study finds how best to grow gut microbes to improve human health
A young scientist at the University of Virginia (UVA) School of Medicine has received a prestigious grant to determine how best to grow gut microbes to fight disease and improve human health. That work could lead to a new industry of microbe ‘microbreweries’, he and his colleagues believe.
Study: Plants can cultivate different root microbes for better growth
Scientists from Chinese, Belgian and British research organizations found that plants could release different chemicals to cultivate microbes around their roots to suit its own purposes.
Microbes found on ISS resembles homes on Earth
The International Space Station (ISS) has a ‘very diverse’ community of microbes that more closely resembled that of homes than of humans, researchers said.
Scientists study whale's blow hole microbes with the help of a drone
Scientists have for the first time surveyed the unique community of microorganisms — the microbiome — living inside the blowhole of a humpback whale. They did so with the help of a six-rotor hexacopter.
Gut microbes may influence MS progression
Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, or UCSF, have found that gut microbes may play a role in the neurodegeneration that characterizes multiple sclerosis (MS).
Study links gut microbes to age-related inflammation
New research with mice by McMaster University in Canada suggested gut microbes can lead to age-related inflammation and premature death.
Experiment reveals Earth microbes' likely fate on Mars
Understanding the limits on what microbial life can endure is important for preventing contamination of the Red Planet with terrestrial microbes when our human and robotic explorers arrive.
Microbes in newborn's gut may triple allergy, asthma risk
A relatively rare abnormality in the makeup of germs in an infant's gut may triple the risk for allergies and asthma in childhood, new research warns.
When mouth microbes pal up, infection ensues
Normally harmless mouth bacteria can be a bad influence. When they pal around with tooth- and gum-attacking microbes, they can help those pathogens kick into high gear.
Underwater city was built by microbes, not people
When snorkelers discovered what appeared to be ancient stonework off the coast of the Greek island of Zakynthos in 2013, archeologists sent to the site thought the odd rocks might be the ruins of an ancient city.
Plants interact with beneficial microbes in soil
Scientists have wondered for years how legumes such as soybeans, whose roots host nitrogen-fixing bacteria that produce essential plant nutrients out of thin air, are able to recognize these bacteria as both friendly and distinct from their own cells, and how the host plant's specialized proteins find the bacteria and use the nutritional windfall.
Gut microbes trigger autoimmune disease later in mice
Researchers have revealed that the colonization of the gut of young mice by certain types of bacteria can lead to immune responses later in life that are linked to disease.

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