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Long and deadly road home for Vietnamese migrants
They left Vietnam carrying dreams of small fortunes and the heavy burden of family expectations.
Aid groups condemn Greece over 'prison' camps for migrants
Greece is poised to create “prison” island camps, said aid groups amid growing criticism of government plans to overhaul refugee reception centers on Aegean outposts facing Turkey.
Dozens of migrants found in refrigerated container on ferry
Dutch authorities have discovered 25 migrants stowed away inside a refrigerated container on a ferry bound for England.
Poland, Hungary break EU laws by refusing to host migrants: court adviser
Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic broke the EU law by refusing to take in asylum seekers coming to the European Union during the chaotic summer of 2015, an advisory body to the bloc's highest court said on Thursday.
Migrants in Britain face daily grind of misery and forced labour
The death of 39 migrants in Britain has been universally described as a human tragedy. The deaths have brought the UK’s increasingly tough immigration laws into sharp relief and raised questions about Britain’s commitment to human rights.
UN study narrows down why Africans make fraught journey to Europe
Migrants take dangerous routes from Africa to Europe not because they need protection or jobs but because their countries do not meet their aspirations quickly enough, a new study by the UN's development agency found.
US to collect DNA of all undocumented migrants
The US government plans to collect the DNA of all migrants detained after entering the country illegally, officials said Wednesday.
Trump suggested shooting migrants, creating border moat with alligators, snakes, Report
Donald Trump reportedly suggested shooting migrants in the legs as they crossed the US-Mexico border, in order to slow them down.
Dozens of migrants in a wooden canoe rescued off Canary Islands
Dozens of African migrants attempting to reach the Canary Islands in a battered wooden canoe were rescued in waters off the Spanish archipelago on Thursday, emergency services said.
Drowning of US-bound Honduran mother, son underscores plight of migrants
When Delia Hernandez, 44, bade farewell on August 1 to Idalia Herrera, 27, and nearly two-year-old Iker Cordova, she dreamed her daughter and grandson were fleeing the arid fields of southern Honduras for a bright new life in the United States, she said.
Italy and France agree migrants must be distributed around the EU
The European Union must introduce a new, automatic system of taking in migrants saved from the Mediterranean, the leaders of Italy and France said on Wednesday, as they sought to patch up bruised bilateral relations.
Channel smugglers cram 30 migrants into boats made for six
Smugglers are cramming up to 30 people on to small boats to cross the Channel from France to the UK, and children have been among those who have recently fallen overboard, campaigners revealed.
Spain sends warship to pick up migrants stranded off Italy
After frustrated migrants on board the Open arms started jumping ship Tuesday, Spain decided the bloc could no longer wait for Italy to change its mind. Italy’s political heavyweight interior minister and deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, whose anti-immigration policies have won him increasing popularity, refused to let the migrants disembark. He accuses other European countries of shirking their responsibilities regarding the migrant crisis, but Spain’s Acting Defense Minister says he’s gone too far.
Five EU states to take in Open Arms migrants, ending standoff
Spain and four other EU states agreed to take in migrants stranded for weeks on the Open Arms rescue ship, EU authorities said on Wednesday, ending a prolonged standoff with the Italian government over their fate.
Stranded migrants dive into sea to swim to Italy
Migrants rescued by a charity ship throw themselves in the water to try and swim to the nearby Italian island of Lampedusa in a desperate move after days stuck on board.

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