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4 in 10 Brits despise migration impacts: Poll
A new study carried out in the United Kingdom shows that almost half of Britons have a general dislike for migrants and their impact on the culture.
Overseas students should 'stay in migration target'
International students in the UK should not be removed from targets to reduce migration, recommended a report commissioned by the Home Office.
EU Commission says will not bow to Italian threat on migration
The European Commission said on Friday it will follow rules governing migration, rather than bow to threats, such as made by an Italian minister to distribute migrants held on a coast guard ship in Sicily.
City size plays crucial role in migration patterns
People from smaller cities are more likely to migrate than people from larger cities, according to a new study by UCL academics.
EU leaders defend migration deal as doubts emerge
EU leaders defended a hard-won migration deal agreed after marathon talks on Friday that Italy hailed as a breakthrough despite emerging doubts on whether bloc partners would shoulder more responsibility for migrants.
Migration challenge is make-or-break for EU, says Merkel
The European Union’s fate rests on its ability to rise to the challenges of the migration debate, Chancellor Angela Merkel told the German parliament on Thursday ahead of a crunch summit in Brussels that will be dominated by the matter.
Unprecedented human migration cries out for a global response
The world is ‘basically at odds with itself’, International Organization for Migration (IOM) Director General William Swing said, describing the critical state of human migration between countries and continents.
Merkel downbeat on EU migration breakthrough
German Chancellor Angela Merkel played down expectations of a major breakthrough being reached at hastily-arranged talks between some EU leaders on Sunday on the migration dispute dividing Europe.
Boulders offer new clues about early human migration to the Americas
Recent archeological evidence has sparked a new theory of when and how the first people came to the Americas.
Bird migration explained at last: It’s all about energy efficiency
It's migratory bird season in much of the US, when about five billion birds enter the country from the tropics and remind us during their ‘dawn chorus’ that they were the ones who invented the tweet.
Migration more strongly linked to aspiration than desperation
A new global analysis of intentions to migrate suggests that individuals preparing to move abroad are more likely to do so out of aspiration for a better life, economic opportunities and development of skills, rather than sheer desperation.
Advanced economies need migration to boost labor: IMF
Aging populations in advanced economies drain the labor force and could slow economic growth, but allowing an influx of immigrant workers could counteract that decline, the International Monetary Fund says.
Migrant arrivals in Germany down sharply in 2017
The number of new asylum seekers in Germany fell sharply last year to 186,000, the government said Tuesday, easing pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel as debate rages on whether to impose a cap on migration.
EU row on refugee quota flares up
A row over controversial quotas for the sharing out of refugees across EU countries broke out on Wednesday on the eve of a summit where leaders will discuss the way forward on migration.
Golden eagle migration out of sync with climate change
Golden eagles in North America may have the timing of their migration shifted out of step with a seasonal boom in food they need to raise their young, according to scientists.

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