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China's space program poses no threat to US: analyst
The US military’s concerns about possible “threats” coming from China’s space program are “completely bogus and not worthy of consideration,” says Dennis Etler, an American scholar with decades-long study in international affairs.
Maduro: US pushes military plans under humanitarian cover-up
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says US President Donald Trump is using Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis as a cover-up for his military plans in the country.
Military invasion among US options against Venezuela government: Russia
Russia has warned that the United States is considering a range of options against the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, including a direct military invasion of the Latin American country, which has been engulfed in political unrest over the past weeks.
US to complete Syria pullout by April: WSJ
The United States military is expected to fully withdraw its forces from Syria by the end of April following an order by President Donald Trump, unnamed officials have confirmed to The Wall Street Journal.
Pakistan Supreme Court says military must stay away from 'politicking'
Pakistan's Supreme Court has called on the military and intelligence agencies to stay out of politics in a country that has been ruled by generals for nearly half its age since 1947.
Senior Hadi loyalist dies of wounds sustained in Houthi drone strike
A top-brass military commander loyal to Yemen’s former president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, has succumbed to wounds he sustained during a drone strike carried out by Yemeni forces against Saudi-paid militiamen at an air base in the country’s southwestern province of Lahij last month.
Trump says military action in Venezuela ‘an option’
US President Donald Trump says sending military forces to Venezuela is “an option,” amid attempts by the US-backed opposition in the Latin American country to topple the democratically-elected government of President Nicolas Maduro.
Scientists demand military sonar ban to end mass whale strandings
Scientists have called for a wide-scale ban on the use of sonar to protect whale populations after a study highlighted a link between the military sound pulses and mass strandings in which dozens of the mammals have died.
Venezuelan envoy to UN says US preparing for ‘military invasion’ of Venezuela
Venezuela’s envoy to the United Nations says the United States is preparing for a “military invasion” of his country, amid Washington’s recent move to impose sanctions on the state-owned oil firm PDVSA in its harshest financial challenge yet to President Nicolas Maduro.
Russia holds military parade marking 75 years since Leningrad siege was lifted
Saint Petersburg staged a military parade on Sunday to mark the 75th anniversary of one of the longest and deadliest sieges in the history of warfare, the blockade of Leningrad by Nazi troops.
Boko Haram attacks military bases in northeast Nigeria
Boko Haram militants attacked two military bases in northeast Nigeria's Borno State, near the border with Cameroon, injuring six soldiers, two military sources told AFP on Sunday.
West at risk as US loses military edge
The West is slowly losing the contest for pre-eminence in the emerging international order. Brexit is just one manifestation of the crisis of confidence enveloping liberal democracies beset by a rising tide of dissent, self-doubt, identity pol­itics and a loss of trust in the foundational institutions of the post-World War II order. But the steady erosion of US military cap­abilities is of even greater concern because the West’s traditional ­ad­vantage in hard power has ­under­pinned these institutions and their guiding norms. If we lose our military edge, what will prevent illiberal adversaries from under­­min­­ing our societies and taking what they want by stealth or force?
US gained nothing after spending $7,000bn in Iraq, Syria: Iran military chief
Iran's top military commander says although the United States spent a total of 7,000 billion dollars in Iraq and Syria, it has achieved nothing while the Islamic Republic gained a lot despite its very low spending in those countries.
US military using Russian-style air defenses in major drills
The US military has been caught using Russian-styled air defense systems during major military exercises in the southern state of Mississippi, as the Pentagon shifts focus from operations in the Middle East to confronting Russia and China in the Pacific.
US military prepares options to build Trump’s border wall
The US Defense Department is preparing options to build a wall on the US-Mexico border in the event that President Donald Trump declares a national emergency, the latest sign that such a move is gaining support within the White House.

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