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Millions with swallowing problems could be helped through new wearable device
A wearable monitoring device to make treatments easier and more affordable for the millions of people with swallowing disorders is about to be released into the market.
Philippines to vaccinate millions of children against polio
The Philippines is preparing to vaccinate millions of children against polio to halt an outbreak of a disease it believed to have been eradicated two decades ago, a top official said on Friday.
The winter weather window that is costing rapeseed growers millions
UK rapeseed growers are losing up to a quarter of their crop yield each year because of temperature rises during an early-winter weather window.
Report: Millions in Britain at risk of poor-quality later life
A landmark report on the state of ageing in Britain warned that a significant proportion of people are at risk of spending later life in poverty, ill-health and hardship.
Millions of women mistakenly believe smear test detects ovarian cancer
Millions of women wrongly believe smear tests can detect ovarian cancer, experts warned.
Millions of Chinese begin Lunar holiday exodus
Millions of Chinese have begun the annual exodus for the Lunar New Year, the world's largest annual human migration, leaving major cities to return to their hometowns for the holiday.
Windows 10 alert: Millions at risk by not following this very simple advice
Windows 10 and Windows 7 users are being warned that not updating their PCs to the latest software could put them at risk from vulnerabilities and other significant security issues.
Millions of phones infected by popular Google Play Store apps
Android fans are being warned after security experts discovered that millions of devices were infected by fake Google Play Store apps.
California to spend millions more on disaster response
California Governor Gavin Newsom proposed spending $305 million to improve California’s planning and response to wildfires, mudslides and earthquakes, focusing the state’s efforts on evacuating elderly and disabled residents who became trapped in recent disasters.
UK invests millions in micro-robots able to work in dangerous sites
The UK government is investing millions in the development of micro-robots designed to work in underground pipe networks and dangerous sites such as decommissioned nuclear facilities.
'Digital museum' brings millions of fossils out of the dark
The bid to create a "global digital museum" has been welcomed by scientists, who say it will enable them to study valuable specimens that are currently "hidden" in museum drawers.
In Brazil backlands, termites built millions of dirt mounds
Roy Funch, an American botanist who has lived and worked in Brazil’s hardscrabble northeast for decades, long looked at huge cone-shaped mounds of mud in the distance and wonder.
Karbala hosts millions of Arba’een pilgrims
Millions of pilgrims from across the world descended on the holy Iraqi city of Karbala on Tuesday to commemorate Arba’een, which marks 40 days after the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (PBUH), the third Shia Imam and the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Millions to lose £52 a week with universal credit, report shows
Struggling homeowners, working single parents and the disabled will be among the hardest hit under the UK government’s new benefits system unless urgent action is taken in the budget, British Prime Minister Theresa May has been warned.
Supernovas which took place millions of years ago have caused extinction on Earth
Two supernovae which exploded between 2½ and eight million years ago could have caused mass extinction because it affected the Earth’s ozone layer, according to major new scientific discoveries.

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