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'We made children's mistakes', says Messi after Barca stunned by Atletico
Lionel Messi said Barcelona was guilty of playing like children on Thursday after Atletico Madrid staged a thrilling comeback to beat it 3-2 and set up a Spanish Super Cup final against Real Madrid.
Researchers discover two diet mistakes linked to cancer in US
A study has found that a ‘suboptimal diet’ may be the cause of 5.2 percent of all new invasive cancer cases in the US every year.
Overworked UK GPs warn they are making avoidable mistakes
General practitioners in the UK are warning they are so overwhelmed with patients, it is causing avoidable mistakes.
Zarif: UAE strategic mistakes made ties ‘unacceptable’
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said ties with the UAE have drifted into an “unacceptable” lane due to the strategic mistakes the Arab country’s leaders have made over the past years.
Book lifts lid on litany of mistakes in Ebola outbreak that killed 11,300 people
A British doctor and Irish diplomat who worked on the frontline of the crisis in west Africa in 2014 say failures by international aid agencies and donors exacerbated the catastrophe.
US repeats mistakes about Iran: Ron Paul
Former US Congressman Ron Paul says the US is repeating the mistakes it has been making since the time of the US-led 1953 coup in Iran and is naive to think the notorious anti-Iran terrorist group, the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) could be a viable political force.
Seven biggest post-workout mistakes
Exercising makes you feel great
Robots can read your mind to fix their mistakes
Imagine a robot stacking boxes in a warehouse when it suddenly sees that one box is in the wrong stack. It goes back and puts the container in the right place. How did the machine know it had made a mistake?
Two big mistakes that ruined Europe
There has hardly been a year when the EU has not been on the brink of some crisis: banking, sovereign debt, the Ukraine crisis and now refugees. You can always point fingers at individual politicians and assign blame. But it is highly implausible that the EU’s serial failures can always be explained as the product of accident and malice.
UN chief demands South Sudan leaders correct 'grave mistakes'
South Sudan's president and a rebel leader accused each other on Tuesday of violating a cease-fire brokered to end a 21-month conflict in the world's newest state as United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon appealed to them "not to betray and disappoint us".
Academic: ISIL result of US strategic mistakes in Mideast
Press TV has interviewed Huseyin Bagci, a professor at the Middle East University from Ankara, and David Lindorff, an investigative journalist from Philadelphia, to discuss the role of Turkey and the US in the Syria war.
US mistakes regarding Iran
President Hassan Rouhani recently called on the United States to ‘rectify wrong steps’ it has taken regarding talks over Iran’s nuclear energy program. America’s biggest mistake is that it has failed to grasp the realities at the negotiating table since it regards diplomacy from the position of a superpower and as a tool to achieve its own goals.
Iran MP: US mistakes spreading terror in Mideast
A senior Iranian lawmaker said strategic mistakes by the United States and its allies have led to the spread of terrorism in the Middle East, warning that such policies threaten global peace.

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