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Scientists turn to 'laser accurate' model to test Stonehenge acoustics
A diminutive model of Stonehenge could help crack the acoustic secrets of the ancient site, according to scientists who have built a version of the megaliths at a 12th of their size.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Not all models will be created equal
Samsung typically launches a number of different versions of its flagship Galaxy S smartphone model.
Musk adds new Model Y to electric car lineup
Tesla launched its latest car, the Model Y, its second mass-market electric vehicle.
PM: Pakistan will learn from China’s model for alleviating poverty
Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday said that Pakistan will learn from China's model for the poverty alleviation in the country, media reported.
From cradle to grave: Model identifies factors that shaped evolution
Understanding the many factors that have played into shaping the biodiversity within Earth's ecosystems can be daunting. In a major step to that end, an international team of researchers built a computer simulation that takes into account many of the fundamental factors that drive evolutionary adaptation and extinction.
Computer model shows black hole consuming star
A new computer model shows what it looks like when a supermassive black hole tears a star apart.
New model to help producers meet  global emission reduction targets
How much more fossil fuel can be extracted and burned by the globe's biggest producers without pushing global warming across the threshold of 2°C?
New model details Rosette Nebula and its mysterious hollow heart
The size of the empty cavity at the center the Rosette Nebula — a hollow heart — has long puzzled astronomers. But scientists now have some answers thanks to a new survey of the interstellar cloud.
Scientists model magnetic storm that inspired red aurora over Kyoto
Scientists have modeled the extreme storm that triggered a vibrant red aurora atop Kyoto, Japan, in 1770.
NASA shares 3D model of El Niño
NASA has released a three-dimensional model of El Niño, a climate pattern marked by a mass of warm water in the Pacific Ocean.
Model predicts presence of naked singularity in 4D space
A new computer model predicts the possibility of naked singularities in four-dimensional space, challenging Einstein's general theory of relativity.
UN: New education model can ‘achieve much more’
UN’s education envoy has unveiled a new model that could provide every child with access to education by 2030.
Math model to help design new materials for storing electricity
Researchers have devised a mathematical model for designing new materials for storing electricity, an approach different from chemists and materials scientists who traditionally rely on trial and error to create materials for batteries and capacitors.
New model to help ships avoid collisions with blue whales
Scientists have developed a new forecasting model to help large ocean vessels avoid collisions with blue whales, the largest species on the planet.

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