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UK constantly failing to protect children against modern slavery: activists
Activists have warned that the United Kingdom lacks a proper strategy to fight modern-day children slavery as thousands of children are now victims of abuse and trafficking in the country.
Tehran Auction sells $7.8m worth of Iranian artworks
The ninth edition of Tehran Auction presenting 78 classic and modern Iranian art was held on Friday at Parsian Azadi Hotel and earned nearly $8 million, breaking last year's record of $6.5 million.
Roots of modern virus can be traced to the earliest vertebrates
Most modern viruses have ancient roots. New research suggested RNA viruses are millions of years old, many tracing their evolutionary histories back to the earliest vertebrates. Some viruses may be as old as the first animals.
First came Homo sapiens, then came the modern brain
New analysis suggested the development of the modern human brain was a late chapter in the evolutionary history of the Homo sapien.
Modern parents spend more time with kids
Turns out, helicopter parenting pays off in one surprising way — modern parents spend more time with their children than parents of any other time since the 1960s.
Scientists find more modern human traits influenced by Neandertal DNA
Researchers identified several new traits in modern humans that are influenced by Neandertal genes.
Pope calls for greater commitment to fight human trafficking
Pope Francis is urging the world to show a greater commitment to fighting human trafficking, which he called ‘a form of modern slavery.’
US police act as modern day slave patrols: Activist
Protest rallies have erupted outside a courthouse in the US state of Ohio after a judge declared a mistrial in the shooting death of an African-American man by a white campus police officer of University of Cincinnati. The protesters censured the outcome of the trial and accused the local justice system of being biased against minorities.
Report: Modern life killing children
Modern life is killing children with the number of youngsters diagnosed with cancer rising 40 percent in the past 16 years because of air pollution, pesticides, poor diets and radiation, scientists have warned.
Haider Raza, India's poster boy of modern art dies at 94
Legendary artist Syed Haider Raza, who had famously said that he lived to paint and painted to live, died in a New Delhi hospital on Saturday. He was 94.
Fossil finds, challenging ideas about modern human evolution
On the outskirts of Beijing, a small limestone mountain named Dragon Bone Hill rises above the surrounding sprawl.
Clinton ‘most transparent public official in modern times’
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has condemned Republican critics of her email practices, saying she is the "most transparent" public official of modern times.
Modern European summers warmest since Roman times
Europe has almost certainly experienced warmer summers in the last three decades than at any other time since the Roman empire, according to a study published on Friday in the Environmental Research Letters journal.
Modern designs essential in carpet industry
By Fatemeh Shokri & Katayoon Dashti

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