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Molecule deficiency may help diagnose severe depression
A new study, published in the journal PNAS, suggests that a diagnostic blood test for depression may soon be on the horizon.
Two atoms combined in dipolar molecule
In terms of size, it may be the smallest scientific breakthrough ever made at Harvard.
Molecule essential to life found near newborn sun-like stars
Two teams of astronomers have discovered methyl isocyanate, an organic compound and chemical building block for life, surrounding newborn Sun-like stars.
First chiral molecule found in interstellar space
Astronomers announced the discovery of the first chiral molecule in interstellar space this week at an American Astronomical Society meeting.
Molecule responsible for birth timing identified
Researchers at the University of Adelaide have identified that the activation of the TLR4 molecule is key in controlling the timing of birth, acting as a trigger common to both preterm and on-time labor.
Molecule that could help reduce flu risk
The flu virus can be lethal. But what is often just as dangerous is the body's own reaction to the invader. This immune response consists of an inflammatory attack, meant to kill the virus. But if it gets too aggressive, this counterattack can end up harming the body's own tissues, causing damage that can lead to death.
Red meat linked to cancer due to sugar molecule
Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine investigated the possible tumor-forming role of a sugar called Neu5Gc, which is naturally found in most mammals but not in humans.

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