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Geneticists identify small molecules that are potential indicators for disease
A critical question in medicine asks how individual variation in DNA can predict variation in health and disease. New research from the Clemson Center for Human Genetics identified hundreds of metabolites that might serve as intermediates to translate variation in the genome to variation in complex traits.
Chemists find better way to manipulate 3D structure of molecules
Scientists have developed a more efficient and effective way to manipulate the 3D structure of molecules, a breakthrough that could improve the process of discovering and designing new drugs.
'Gyroscope' molecules form crystal that's both solid and full of motion
Molecular machines, much smaller than single cells, may one day be able to deliver drugs to kill cancer cells or patrol your body for signs of disease.
Trio takes chemistry Nobel for 'cool' method to study molecules (video)
Scientists Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson were awarded the Nobel Chemistry Prize on Wednesday for cryo-electron microscopy, a simpler and better method for imaging tiny, frozen molecules.
World's first 'molecular robot' can build molecules
Scientists have constructed a robot capable of building molecules — the world's first ‘molecular robot’.
Study finds molecules move faster near sticky surfaces
Scientists at the Universite libre de Bruxelles in Belgium have discovered that molecules move faster the closer they get to adhesive surfaces.
Molecules face the big chill
Molecules are seriously chilling out. Scientists report the first cooling of molecules below a previously impassable milestone.
Scientists create new type of hydrogen sulfide donor molecules
A team of researchers from the University of Oregon in US have created a new class of hydrogen sulfide donor molecules that may be used to reduce cell damage.
Olive oil waste yields molecules useful in food industries
Scientists have found a way to turn waste byproducts from the olive oil production process into biosurfactants and monoglycerides, molecules immensely useful to the chemical and food industries.
Biologists seek help to see itty-bitty molecules in 3D
Microscopy Masters asks one thing of citizen scientists: Find proteins in electron microscope images.
New way to build molecules
Chemists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have devised a new and widely applicable technique for building potential drug molecules and other organic compounds.

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