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Millennial farmers making more money from alternative jobs than farming
A large number of millennial farmers in villages around Nashik district of Maharashtra, India, are making more money from alternative jobs like electrician, plumbing and fabrication than from farming itself.
World’s biggest money printer may stop working soon
Cash apocalypse looming?
The reason why is somewhat ironic — the world’s largest banknote provider is running out of money.
EU mulls adding Saudi Arabia to new money laundering grey list
The European Union, under pressure from Saudi Arabia, may add the Arab kingdom to a money laundering grey list, five months after blacklisting it.
Top German regulator warns of threat from cheap money, presses banks to reform
Germany’s top financial regulator warned of the dangers posed to banks by cheap money and urged them to ‘get real’ in overhauling their businesses and axing loss-making operations.
Iran opens two accounts to receive gas, electricity dues from Iraq
Iran is set to open two bank accounts to its dues from gas and electricity exports to Iraq, said the head of Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce.
Most Americans oppose Trump’s emergency over border wall money: Poll
The majority of Americans disapprove of US President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration to get funding for a border wall on the southern border, a poll shows.
In Mauritius, sugar cane means money, renewable energy
Far out into the Indian Ocean where it is forced to be self-reliant, the island nation of Mauritius is weaning itself off fossil fuels by turning to its main cash-crop sugar cane, for electricity.
Financier of Islamic State paid money to rebel group in eastern Congo: report
An Islamist rebel group in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo received money from a financier linked to Islamic State, suggesting tentative ties between the Congo insurgents and other jihadists in Africa and beyond, a report said on Thursday.
One in six people with money problems have suicidal thoughts
Struggling with money is a source of extreme shame. It’s tough to ask for help.
Money the best motivator for people to quit smoking
Cash is king when it comes to getting employees to quit smoking, according to a new study.
How to have money talk with your kids
How much should your kids know about how much money you have in the bank? When should they start saving for college? Where do you stand on allowances?
Social people make more money
A new MassMutual study shows that those who participate in their communities do better financially.
Who’re making money off US mass shootings?
The US firearm and ammunition industry generates annual revenue of $13.5 billion and is selling millions of guns annually in a country where more than 30,000 people die every year due to gun violence.
More money needed to address climate change
For the first time since the World War II we are at a grave risk of leaving the planet in worse shape than how we received it from our predecessors, the President of the UN General Assembly said.
More money, education makes discrimination worse for minorities
And that might help explain racial disparities in health among middle- and upper-class Americans, said the study’s lead author, Cynthia Colen of The Ohio State University, according to

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